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Genesis and Encrypted Message in Generations of Adam Revealed

The Book of Genesis gives a listing of all the patriarchs from Adam to Noah. Chapter 6 begins the story of the wickedness of mankind and God’s plan to destroy life on the earth with a flood. All people listed in the Book of the Generations of Adam including the generations of Cain were either dead by the time of the flood, or were killed in the flood with the exception of Noah and his family (Genesis 4:17-24). Genesis Chapter 5 states that Adam lived to be 930 years old and ends with the words “and he died” (Genesis 5:5). The phrase “and he died,” would now be used at the end of each patriarch’s life. It was God’s way of making it clear that the wages of sin is death for everyone no matter how good or how bad, rich or poor, great or small they were in life. However, God had a plan for the salvation of mankind in place, and He cryptically revealed this plan using the names of each patriarch.

Every Hebrew name in the Bible has a meaning. For example, the name Jesus actually comes from the Hebrew name Yeshua. The name translated to Greek is Jesous and from Greek to English it is Jesus. The name in Hebrew means God is Salvation or God Saves. When we read the Hebrew meanings of the names of the patriarchs in their listed order, we receive a promise from God that a plan of redemption from death is available to us.

Here is what the names of the first 10 patriarchs mean in Hebrew in the order of their listings. Adam means Mankind, Seth means Appointed, Enos means Mortal, Cainan means Sorrow, Mahalaleel means The Blessed of God, Jared means Shall come down, Enoch means Teaching, Methuselah means His death shall bring, Lamech means The despairing and Noah means Comfort or Rest. When we put all these names together it reads, Mankind Appointed Mortal Sorrow, The Blessed of God Shall come down Teaching. His death shall bring The despairing Comfort and Rest.

This is proof that from the beginning of the lineage of Adam, God had a plan in place to redeem mankind from sin. Adam sinned and mankind went from immortal to mortal. The sin debt of mankind could now only lead to death the grave and eternal separation from God. This in turn would mean that there was no purpose to life thus creating a continuous mortal sorrow for man. But, the Triune Godhead agreed on a way that the sin debt of mankind could be paid in full. This would require the spirit of the Word of God to come down to the earth, indwell a sin free mortal body and voluntarily sacrifice Himself on behalf of mankind. This person was referred to in the Old Testament as the Messiah or Anointed One.

The Jews had then and now a limited understanding of who the Messiah would be and His purpose. They believed He would serve as the King of Israel, defeat the nations many enemies and create a ruling dynasty for future Jewish generations to enjoy. Instead, Jesus was conceived supernaturally but born naturally, preached the love of God for all mankind, declared Himself the Messiah, was rejected by the Jewish leadership, crucified by Rome for treason and died for the sins of mankind. Thus He was not seen by the Jews as a successful warrior against Israel’s enemies He did not feel obligated to follow the 613 laws invented by the religious leaders. He preached a God ordained doctrine that ran counter to the Temple’s corrupted system, and was seemingly determined to be executed by Rome. The Jews today have an additional list of objectives that Jesus did not accomplish according to their narrow, self-focused understanding of Old Testament prophesies. Thus, His death left the Jewish leaders proud that they had helped to eliminate yet another false messiah and averted a probable rebellion by the population that would have in turn, caused Rome to destroy the nation. However, 40 years after the ministry of Jesus began, Rome completely destroyed the nation exactly as Jesus had prophesied two days before His execution.

Jesus preached a doctrine that challenged not only first century Jewish understanding of salvation but all the doctrines of non-Christian religions. That is, all religions base the idea of redemption on how well a believer follows the rules of that particular religion. If you fail to keep all the rules, you are subject to judgement and possibly eternal destruction. But God knows that all people fail to keep all well intentioned religious doctrine. The vast majority of all the rules of all religions, including the 10 Commandments, are great in principal but they all have the same flaw. All people are imperfect, and imperfect people are completely incapable of keeping perfect laws perfectly. Therefore, God developed a plan of salvation that took mankind out of the equation. Instead, He put the responsibility of mankind’s salvation on one perfect man. For More, Read "Why Jesus Had to be Born of a Virgin"

Why Jesus Had To Be Born Of a Virgin
The idea of a Virgin Birth had been around for thousands of years before thebirth of Jesus. Pharaohs and Roman Emperors had all made claim to this type ofbirth in order to explain that since they came from a god, they were to beworshiped as a god.

Jesus was born without the original sin of Adam and He lived a sin free life. Thus, as the only perfect man, only He could serve as a onetime sacrifice for the sin debt of all mankind.  When Jesus voluntarily died on the cross, He took all religious laws and all the sin debt of mankind to the grave. When He arose, He left the law, religious customs and man’s sin debt in the grave. This one act forever defeated death the grave and Hell. Now there existed a sure guaranteed way for all of mankind to receive complete and total forgiveness of sin from their creator. They can now face death without fear knowing for certain that they will receive an eternal life of joy and rest. And how can we know for certain that the sacrifice of Christ satisfied God? Because on the third day, God resurrected Him from the grave and gave Him eternal life!

So, the encrypted message of Genesis, hidden in the names of the patriarchs, is in fact a summary of the Christian doctrine yet featured in the Jewish Torah. Amazing!

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