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Why Jesus Had To Be Born Of a Virgin

The idea of a Virgin Birth had been around for thousands of years before the birth of Jesus.  Pharaohs and Roman Emperors had all made claim to this type of birth in order to explain that since they came from a god, they were to be worshiped as a god. So, was it written in scripture that Jesus was born of a virgin just to make him extra special? The answer is no and here is why.

First of all, prophecy clearly states that the Messiah would be born of a virgin or in Hebrew alma. Jewish scholars have a tremendous problem with the definition and use of this term. In the Old Testament the term virgin has only been exclusively used when referring a young girl who has not had sexual relations. They believe that the Messiah will be a normal human male in the lineage of David, so there is no room for the insertion of a supernatural impregnation event. David’s mother was not a virgin so the Messiah will not be virgin born. However, the prophet Isaiah had 3 different words he could have used to explain the female condition of the birth of the coming Messiah. He intentionally chose the word alma which means a young female virgin. The Jewish scholars insist that the word alma simply means a young girl will give birth. But thy are betrayed by the exact quote of Isaiah which is, “ … Hear you now, O House of David… Therefore the Lord Himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call His Name Immanuel.” This name meaning God is with us (Isaiah 7:13-14). Now just rationally looking at the verse, it is overtly obvious that Isaiah is saying that, out of the House or lineage of David, God Himself will give a sign. And that sign will be a virgin who will give birth to a male heir of David’s and He will literally be God living among men. So the question is, are we to interpret the verse as a Jewish scholar to mean that God will give a sign that a young girl will give birth to a male child. Or, do we interpret it the way Isaiah obviously meant it, in that the sign will be a virgin giving birth. What sign is there in a young girl giving birth?  Is this the special sign God is prophesying? Of course it’s not!

But the Jewish scholars have a reasonable question that needs to be answered. Why would the Messiah need to be born of a virgin. The other Kings of Israel were not born of virgins so why would God cause this particular King to be born in a one off way? The answer is so profound and so beyond the concepts of the Old Testament laws and customs that the Jewish scholars are understandably incapable of grasping the true significance of even the birth event much less the ministry and death of their Messiah. This is because the Messiah was a mystery in the mind of God concealed in the Old Testament. It is now clearly revealed in the New Testament but Jewish scholars refuse to study the New Testament so as not to become confused with the facts.

The answer as to why the Messiah or Jesus was virgin born has nothing to do with Mary or women as a gender. It has everything to do with Joseph as well as all men and their part of the chromosomal conception equation. We are now completely outside of the parameters of traditional Jewish empirical studies. To explain the absolute need for a virgin birth, we need to take a quick look back to the Garden of Eden.  

Adam was created by God without sin. He served as the first High Priest of God and the Garden was the first Temple of God.  While Adam was created sin-free and innocent, he was not automatically virtuous.  A person must prove they are virtuous by being tested. Therefore, God established His first Covenant agreement between Himself and Adam.  Adam could eat all the vegetation food sources that God had planted and provided in the garden with the exception of the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Yes, there was also a Tree of Life, but Adam apparently would only eat that fruit in case of a health emergency or to provide additional longevity.  If Adam kept the Covenant and thus showed his love for God, his virtue would be rewarded with continued immortality.  Adam was, after all, a created being so his greatest reward would be continuous life or existence through a state of immortality provided by God his eternal creator. If, on the other hand, he broke the Covenant through disobedience, he would be punished by death.  God then allowed the fallen angel Lucifer or Satan to tempt Adam and Eve to test their love, respect and obedience to Him. The Covenant was primarily made between God and the man Adam.  It included Eve, but Adam was the primary Covenant participant. Eve had a brief discussion with Satan who had temporarily indwelled a garden creature and decided to eat the fruit. It was not a magical fruit but simply the object of the one thing they were commanded not to do. The fruit was also not an apple.  The confusion on this issue may lay in the similar Latin word for evil that was mistranslated to apple. The Jews believe the fruit was in fact a pomegranate as there are 613 Laws and 613 seeds in a pomegranate. In fact, the Jewish Levitical priests have pomegranates embroidered around the bottom of their robes.

In eating the fruit, Eve’s eyes were open to several insights. First, she did not drop dead so God must have been wrong or misled them with His promise of death. But more importantly she realized for the first time that she, like God, could actually do whatever she wanted to do with or without God’s approval.  She was now her own god as she now had the power of choice based on her own knowledge and was responsible only to herself. This then is the big lie of Satan: man as his own god. This idea will reach its zenith in the time of the antichrist in which men 6 will worship a man 6  as their god 6. Eve immediately took the fruit to Adam who also ate some of it. However, it was only when Adam ate the fruit that the Covenant in the strictest sense was broken.

That evening, the Lord, a preincarnation or Christophany of Jesus, came looking for Adam as was the daily routine. “And the LORD God called to Adam, …Where are you?” which is the first question in the Old Testament (Genesis 3:8-9).  The first question in the New Testament is from the Wise Men or Magi who were looking for Jesus or God incarnate and asked, “Where is He the king of the Jew?” (Matthew 2:2).  So, we have gone from God looking for man to man looking for God. God’s wrath was now primarily focused on Adam. God’s first High Priest had broken the first and only Covenant while in the garden Temple!  Was Adam not satisfied as a created being to only have the honor of being God’s High Priest?  Had he decided he wanted to be an eternal infinite being or perhaps he saw this as a way to get closer to God? Or maybe he decided that if Eve was going to now die, he would eat the fruit and die with her as opposed to living without her. The reason is not given in scripture.

In any case, God made His Covenant with Adam, and Adam broke the Covenant. Adam accepted the fruit from Eve and ate it without saying a single word. This is why God put the brunt of His curse on the man Adam. Man would now carry a physical genetic curse because of his rebellion against God. Eve was told by God she would have the joy of creating children, but it would also bring her pain. Not just the physical pain of birth but the psychological pain of disappointment in her children because of the sins they would commit against her as their parent and against God as their creator.

Unbeknownst to Adam and Eve, conception requires the union of 23 pairs of chromosomes from the female and 23 pairs from the man. But now, because of the curse, the male’s chromosomes contain a genetic induced cognitive predisposed to sin. In other words, we are not sinners because we sin, we sin because we are born sinners.  All people since Adam have inherited what today we would call a genetic cognitive predisposition to sin.

When Mary had her conversation with the Angel concerning Jesus, he told her that in effect, Joseph could not be the father. While he did not explain to her the reasons why, we know there were two reasons. First, Joseph’s line was cursed by the Prophet Jeremiah.  Joseph’s great grandfather Jeconiah was a very wicked King. Jeremiah put a curse on his family line stating that no offspring would ever sit on the throne of Judea (Jeremiah 22:30).  Matthew traces Joseph’s line from Abraham to David to Solomon and it clearly shows Jeconiah in his lineage. But that is not the overriding factor in not having Joseph as the biological father. The second and most important reason Joseph or any man for that matter could not be the biological father of Jesus, was because Jesus had to be born free of this curse in order to be the unblemished sin free human sacrifice necessary to break this curse on mankind. The purpose of The Word of God becoming flesh was not only the ministry of Jesus, his death, burial, resurrection and the founding of the current Church Age. It was also the necessity of a sinless man, freely willing to sacrifice His life for the eternal salvation of mankind.

Like Joseph, Mary’s lineage also went back to King David, but she was descended from his son Nathan. So, she was a legitimate claimant to the throne of David as opposed to Joseph’s line. Luke traces Mary’s lineage from David through Bathsheba to her son Nathan to Heli the father of Mary. Therefore, Mary could give birth to a legitimate heir to the throne of David but not through Joseph’s cursed blood line or any male blood line because of the universal sin curse placed on males.

But, can a female inherit the family tree blood line? The answer is yes. The daughters of Zelo-Phehad petitioned Moses for a special exception to the law of inheritance only to males. Moses concluded that if a man had no sons, and it appears that Heli Mary's father had no sons, then the daughter was permitted inheritance if she married with in her tribe. Since Mary and Joseph were both from the tribe of Judah and married, Mary could legally pass on her royal Davidic linage to her first born son Jesus. Therefore, half of the chromosomal equation that Mary contributed to produce Jesus was both her genes as His mother but also a legal and direct genetic link to David that could normally only come from a male. And, the other half of Jesus' chromosomal makeup came from God through the power of the Holy Spirit. This was the only way possible to create a second and last sin-free man to rectify the damage done by Adam the first sin-free man (I Corinthians 15:45).

To date, God has created man in four uniquely different ways.  He created or “formed” Adam from the earth (Genesis 2:7). He built or cloned Eve from the flesh or DNA of Adam (Genesis 2:22). He created Jesus in part from Mary’s DNA, thus Jesus could legitimately refer to himself as “The Son of Man”. But Jesus had His other 23 pairs of chromosomes contributed by God thru the power of the Holy Spirit. Thus, Jesus could also legitimately refer to Himself as “The Son of God” (Luke 1:35). And God could legitimately refer to Him as “My only begotten physical Son”.  And lastly, God created the human procreation process from the union of a man and a woman (Genesis 4:1).

But wait! If Mary was a child of Adam, would she not have the sin gene and thus her blood would taint Jesus’ sin free blood? Unfortunately, the Catholic Church wrestled with this question at a time when there was no understanding of how the genetics and physiological complexities of a pregnancy worked. We now know that they wrongly contrived to make Mary sin free in order to keep Jesus’ blood sin free. They did this by making Mary’s mother Anne become pregnant with Mary thru an act of the Holy Spirit. That way Mary would be born without Anne’s sin gene. Then, this fable continued with Mary being placed in the Temple as a small child so that she did not have the opportunity to sin. The fairy tale ends with Mary being placed by the Temple Priests into an arranged marriage with a supposed ninety-year-old Joseph. There, that was easy! But the truth was much simpler and straighter forward.

Today we know that a baby’s blood does not mix with the mother’s blood. The blood systems of the two are self-contained. Therefore, Mary a wonderful and blessed young women did have the same sin gene of Adam as do all people. Yet God in his wisdom, was nonetheless able to produce a sin free Jesus. And although there have been numerous speculations on what Jesus looked like based on the remains of first century male Jews, they do not take into account that the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary and not a first century Jewish male. Thus, all conclusions as to how Jesus looked are speculative at best.

What Did Jesus Look Like?
Just as the sun rises and sets and the swallows return to Capistrano, so it is that every December there will appear multiple network programs on the subject of What did Jesus look like? Each program always ends with Jesus looking like a politically correct man by having a combination

So now we can understand why the Angel simply told Mary that her baby would be conceived by the Holy Spirit. The total explanation would have been overwhelming to Mary. It would also involve revealing to Mary the genetic inner workings of conception which would only be fully understood thousands of years later. First century people thought that the man contained the seed of a child. The man placed the seed in the woman who was only seen as an incubator. She gave the growing seed or child warmth and nourishment. If the child was born full term, it was a male and if it was born less than full term, it was a girl. This is why the first prophecy given in the Bible was from God and concerned the “…seed of the woman will crush the head of the serpent…” (Genesis 3:15). But this prophecy was very problematic for Jewish scholars since a woman cannot have a seed, only the man. Thus, for a woman to have a seed of her own would infer a virgin birth which was seen then and now as an impossibility of nature and unnatural (Isaiah 7:14). With this in mind, you can see why the Angel kept Mary’s conception short on detail and simply said that God would take care of it.

How Ancients Thought Babies Were Conceived vs How Jesus Was Conceived
The accepted ancient understanding of conception was that the man had the seed of the child. He puts the seed into the woman who only incubates the seed by providing warmth and nutrients in the form of her blood. Today we now know that this concept is completely wrong on

Joseph and Mary married and the following nine months were apparently uneventful. However, at some time after Gabriel’s visit, Mary decided to take a trip to Hebron located about one hundred miles directly south from Nazareth to visit her older pregnant relative Elizabeth who would soon be the mother of John the Baptizer (Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 1:39). It appears she made this week long trip to see if the information she was given from the angel at the time of her conception was in fact true. For security reasons, Mary would have normally been accompanied on the trip by Joseph but scripture does not mention him making this trip. Therefore, more than likely, she went with a small caravan of Jews moving through the area from one village to the next. We can imagine she breathed a sigh of relief to see Elizabeth was in fact six months pregnant.  And now she was even more assured that she too was also pregnant. In fact, she was inspired by the Holy Spirit to give a beautiful praise to God (Luke 1:14-15).  This is one of the very few times scripture quotes Mary. Mary would stay with Elizabeth for three months and possibly assist with the birth of her son John before returning home to Joseph in Nazareth (Luke 1:56).

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