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How Ancients Thought Babies Were Conceived vs How Jesus Was Conceived

The accepted ancient understanding of conception was that the man had the seed of the child. He puts the seed into the woman who only incubates the seed by providing warmth and nutrients in the form of her blood. Today we now know that this concept is completely wrong on many levels. The man contributes 23 pairs of chromosomes to the female’s egg which also contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. The mother’s blood never at any time mixes with the baby’s blood. Therefore, there was and is no need to create nor continue this concocted story about the birth of Mary as it relates to the birth of Jesus. Mary was a very kind, compassionate and devout Jewish girl. But she was born with same genetic cognitive mental predisposition to sin as are all people through their father’s or Adam’s chromosomal contribution. Mary knew she needed a savior because of her sin nature just like all people. Otherwise, why did she say, “…and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior!” (Luke 1:47). But this original sin curse that was given to Adam or mankind was not an issue in the conception of Jesus. Mary was only asked by the angel to provided her twenty-three pairs of chromosomes to help compose the body of Jesus. And twenty-three pairs of chromosomes do not a person make.

The woman or Mary’s egg has only twenty-three pairs of chromosomes. As such, the egg sin free because it is not a whole person. The egg requires an additional twenty-three pairs of chromosomes from a male in order to create a child. However, it is the male or Adam’s chromosomes that carry the curse that causes all people to inherit the genetic cognitive predisposition to sin. Therefore, it was necessary for the Holy Spirit to intervene and provided the necessary twenty-three pairs of male chromosomes to help create the body of Jesus (Luke 1:35). Thus, Jesus was created without the original sin of man or Adam. Again, we now know that at no time does the blood of the mother mix with that of the baby’s thus Mary’s blood never mixed with Jesus’ pure sin free blood. This means that while Mary contributed twenty-three pairs of chromosomes and carried Jesus for nine months, at no time was Jesus contaminated with her blood nor genetic sin predisposition. Not from Joseph’s chromosomes as he was not the biological father and not from Mary’s blood as their blood did not mix.

Therefore, it was never actually necessary for the Catholic Church to invent a story concerning  Mary’s immaculate birth, her confinement in the temple as a child and her marriage to a 90 year old Joseph. All this was designed to explain how Jesus could be born sin free even though they assumed He shared Mary’s blood invitro. Now we know that God had this issue under control the entire time.

The Birth Of Jesus According To The Catholic Church
While scripture does not state Joseph’s age, the Catholic church decided that Joseph needed to be portrayed in church literature as extremely old. And that he only married Mary only for the domestic help she could provide him in his old age and not to start a family. This

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