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Birth Of Jesus According To The Catholic Church

While scripture does not state Joseph’s age, the Catholic church decided that Joseph needed to be portrayed in church literature as extremely old. And that he only married Mary only for the domestic help she could provide him in his old age and not to start a family. This unscriptural hypothesis was apparently a way to keep Mary a perpetual virgin both before, during, and after the birth of Jesus. Catholic teachings also explain that Mary’s physical birth of Jesus was not the normal birth event. Instead, Jesus is said to have emerged from Mary as, “a ray of sunshine passing thru a pane of glass”. In this way, Mary gave birth yet remained a virgin at all times. But scripture tells us Jesus was born the same way as all babies are born (Revelation 12:2). The Catholic doctrine goes on to explain that Jesus’ brothers and sisters, as mentioned in scripture, were his step or half siblings by way of an earlier marriage in which Joseph’s first wife had died. Scripture refutes this claim as the Greek word used for siblings expresses biological brothers and sisters of Jesus (Mark 3:6,31 -35; Matthew 3:55-56,12:46-50; Luke 8:19-21; John 2:12; Acts 12:17,15:13; Galatians 1:18-19).

The confusion on this issue is derived from the unscriptural Catholic church doctrine which had to be created to negate what they considered to be at that time, two major moral issues. First, apparently the Catholic Church thought it unseemly that the mother of Jesus, after giving birth to the Son of God, would lower herself to have base sexual relations with her husband Joseph and give birth to other children. But scripture makes it abundantly clear that this is exactly what happened as stated by Matthew who was one of the twelve disciples and personally knew Jesus’ family (Matthew 1:25).  In other words, Mary was Jesus’ human mother and God was his supernatural father via the Holy Spirit. Therefore, Jesus was supernaturally conceived but experienced a natural human birth.

The Catholic Church also had to remedy what they saw as a second problem. If Mary was born with original sin and shared her blood with Jesus while in her womb, how could she give birth to a child who needed to have sin free blood in order to be the unblemished sacrificial Lamb of God. To solve this problem, the Catholic Church decided God must have caused Mary’s mother Anne to have immaculately conceived Mary. The term immaculate is not to be confused with the term virgin birth. Immaculate simply means that Anne was unable to conceive but God intervened and she and her husband were then able to conceive Mary in the normal way all children are produced. But this unscriptural conception of Mary still did not solve the early church’s problem with Mary’s blood intermixing with that of Jesus.  To better understand why the Catholic Church came up with these unscriptural accounts, one needs to understand how ancient people thought babies were made.

How Ancients Thought Babies Were Conceived vs How Jesus Was Conceived
The accepted ancient understanding of conception was that the man had the seed of the child. He puts the seed into the woman who only incubates the seed by providing warmth and nutrients in the form of her blood. Today we now know that this concept is completely wrong on

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