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Prophecy in the News: June 2024

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Gog/Dictator/agnostic ), met with North Korean President Kim Jong Un (Dictator/atheist/king of the East) to create a strategic treaty between the two authoritarian nations. These two have done the same with the authoritarian nations of China (Dictator/atheist/king of the East) and Iran (Persia/ pagan/king of East). Never, in the history of these countries, have they ever trusted each other. But at this time in history, they all now have a common enemy, the Christian democratic nation of America and the Jewish democratic nation of Israel. What makes these unions so troubling is these four leaders can make decisions among themselves, and the people of these nations have absolutely no voice. So, when they decide to create an army of the willing to attack Israel, the people of these nations will either support this action, not support the action but be too afraid to protest, or have no opinion. China will finance this war, Russia will coordinate this war and North Korea will manufacture the weapons. Iran will supply tens of millions of devout Muslims who will be more than willing to die in an effort to destroy the chosen people of God and receive from Allah the reward of Paradise. This military action is referred to in the Bible as the Ezekiel 38-Psalm 83 War.

Putin was recently reelected President for another six years. The swearing in ceremony consist of Putin putting his right had on the Russian constitution which is simply a bottle of vodka. Putin gave Kim a limousine as a token of his esteem for his new strategic partnership as Russia’s primary arms supplier. In return, Kim gave Putin two dogs. One for breakfast and one for dinner. This month Kim became so upset with South Korea that he sent balloons filled with excrement floating over the nation.

Putin currently has 10 U.S. citizens in prison on false espionage, drug and theft charges. Government sources believe he is collecting these innocent people for an important prisoner swap. In particular, Putin sent his personal assassin Vadim Krasikov to Germany to murder a Putin opponent. Krasikov was caught and sentenced to life in prison. Putin wants him out and will continue to arrest U.S. citizens until America convinces Germany to set him free. The problem is of course he is a convicted serial killer for hire. Or, as Putin calls him, “A patriot”.

Initially, the nations of the world will be aghast at how quickly these armies of Iran, other Muslim nations, Russia and China will assemble against Israel. Most will refuse to help Israel. However, Scripture is clear that God himself will allow these armies to cross into Israel only to be immediately struck with madness, chaos and self-destruction. This chaotic supernatural scene of an army turning on itself will be broadcast live on social media throughout the world. The annihilation of these military forces will later be portrayed as Israel using some unknown weapon of mass destruction and not an act of God. Israel will take advantage of this victory by expanding its borders south to the Nile River and east to the Euphrates River. These are approximately the original boundaries God promised to Abraham.

While the United Nations will not have approved of the actions of the anti-Israel military coalition, they will definitely not approve of Israel’s territorial expansion. This will cause an immediate need for a Middle East Peace Treaty between the Arab world and Israel. The complexities of this treaty will require the negotiation skills of an exceptional mind. It is then that the world will unknowingly witness the rise of the Antichrist. The only issue that the Man of Sin will not be able to resolve is having Israel share Jerusalem as the capitol of the newly agreed to Palestinian state. Thus, the treaty will rest on a seven year timeline during which the terms of a shared agreement can be negotiated. However, by year seven it will be clear that while Israel is willing to slowly return some of it new gained land back to the nations of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq, they will never be willing to share their capitol, Jerusalem, with a Muslim nation.

This action will be seen by the World Leader as a betrayal of good faith. At this time he has been overseeing a military campaign that ended with the surrender of Russia (Magog) and the Balkan states to the One World Order of the Antichrist. He will now lead his armies one thousand miles directly south to Israel. But there he will be met by a defiant Israeli Army, who will refuse to allow him entrance. He will now become enraged and initiate a scorched earth policy against the nation. He will assemble his world army of perhaps one hundred million in the far north of Israel in a place known as the Plain of Armageddon. He will start his fateful march directly south down the Jezreel Valley toward Jerusalem. Those that surrender will take the Mark of the Beast and become citizens of the New World Order. Those that resist will be executed. It is then that the Antichrist will use his authority, granted by the United Nations of Europe, to march on Jerusalem and seize control of the city by force. Days before the city is destine to fall, a remnant of Jews will fervently pray for their Messiah to appear and save them from total annihilation. This is the event that will trigger the Second Coming of Christ with His Saints to the earth, and begin His Millennial Reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Look to the skies! Insurance companies are currently using drones to fly over the homes of policy holders to better assess risks. If the drone spots a hazard such as an old roof, trampolines, dead trees, etc., they will send a notice to the property owner to correct these conditions or have their policy canceled.

In political news, both U.S. presidential candidates have said their minds are in perfect working order. They have short term memory, long term memory and short term memory.

June marked the 12th straight month the earth has experienced the highest temperatures ever recorded. Also, June 20th marked the official beginning of Summer. So, what then were the preceding three weeks of ninety degree weather we endured? It is now official, what we use to call “Heat Waves” has been changed to “Heat Domes”.

In media news, Max, Hulu and Disney have announce a merger. The new service will be called …TV?

The soft drink Mountain Dew has announced a new flavor called “Liberty Chill” that is said to be the blend of 50 different flavors. Maybe they should have named it “Just Trust Us”.

Waffle House employees got a substantial salary increase this month. Now, they can not only pay their rent, but they will have money left over for self defense lessons.

Chick-fil-A has announced it will offer a summer camp for high schoolers. The camp will introduce young campers to how chickens are raised, processed and cooked. The camp will also offer lessons in how all the other menu items are flash frozen, shipped and prepared for customers. It is billed as the ideal summer fun for those campers with grade point issues.

In political news, Claudia Sheinbaum was elected the first female President of Mexico. “Congratulations!” screamed Hillary Clinton into a pillow.

Polls show 35% of Americans are avoiding news due to “information burnout”.

Peru’s President Dina Boluarte had a 20% approval rating. She decide to take a two week vacation to undergo cosmetic surgery in the hopes that her new look would raise public approval. She held a press conference to show off her new look. A poll was taken and her new approval rating was 7%. It was determined that the Peruvian electorate was not impressed and that beauty is more than skin deep.

This month a 105 year old woman earned a college degree. In related news, another 105 year old women just paid off her college student loan.

Worldwide, incumbent political leaders are taking an electoral beating this year for rampant inflation related issues.

Recent poles show that 64% of Latino American are in favor of completely closing the southern border with Mexico. And 62% of registered votes would support the deportation of all illegal immigrants.

The people who are pro Hamas, a vicious terrorists organization, are not stupid. They are ignorant of the facts. Proof that parents, teachers and the media are not doing their job.

The FBI reported that they watched Senator Mendez meet with Egyptian officials at a Morton’s Steak House just blocks from the capitol. There they discussed how much money it would take to obtain his help to get Egyptian friendly bills passed. The FBI agents also ate steaks as a cover for their presence. Thus the term “A Steakout”.

Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania was recently noted as dressing like a man whose luggage was lost by the airline.

Statistics are showing that those states that have legalized marijuana are experiencing dramatic declines in alcohol sales. To counter this issue, ABC stores are changing their moto from “Please Drink Responsibly” to simply “Please Drink!”

And finally, 93 year old Rupert Murdoch owner of the Fox Network, got married to his fifth wife. The union was referred to as, “His fifth and final wife?”

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