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Mystery of Golgotha Revealed

As with most of the articles on this site, they are written to refute 90% of the unscriptural and unsupported nonsense found on the internet concerning Biblical topics. And as with most of the papers, the reader must keep in mind two factors. First, all Scripture has themes that run from the Old Testament to the New Testament. It is very important to recognize and consider these themes as they will develop and become more complex over the course of study. These, through lines are like the threads of a beautiful tapestry. You can simply look at and enjoy the picture. Or, you can look closely at a single thread and follow it as it twists and turns linking with other threads. There is an old adage that states, what was hidden in the Old Testament is revealed in the New Testament.

This said, the following paper covers a span of 2,000 years and is a compellation of some of the Bible's most interesting characters and exciting events that most people have heard of but have no idea how they were purposefully designed to intertwine and connect. It is a story that starts in the Garden of Eden and ends at Calvary. It is about the people, places and events that were divinely inspired to take place so that Jesus could be crucified at a particular place and time by a particular group of people thus, neatly tying all these historic storylines together. Scholars believe that Scripture was written by 44 divinely inspired men. While this assessment may very well be true, it is clear that they were not authors. Instead, they were stenographers who, for two thousand years, were writing down what they were told from a single Author. And the paper you are about to read shows that only the mind of one Author could have woven so many seemingly disconnected plot threads together to ultimately produce the most astonishing and satisfying story in the history of literature. Please enjoy and prepare to be as amazed as I was when all these pieces came together for me.

The story of Golgotha begins in the Book of Genesis with the fall of Adam. In the Garden, God pronounced a curse on Adam or mankind, Satan and his seed, and the earth (Genesis 3:14-19). But He also provided a prophecy of hope. He stated that the 'Seed' of the woman (Jesus) "... will crush thy head, and you (Satan) will strike His heel." (Genesis 3:15 NIV) Satan was pleased when Cain, Adam's first born, killed his twin brother, Abel. However, it quickly became obvious to him that Eve had been given the ability to produce a never ending supply of possible "Seed" candidates that God could use to defeat him. Please see related: "Why Cain Killed Abel”.

Therefore, he devised a plan in which he would attack mankind at its roots. He would contaminate the genetic pool of mankind. He would manipulate the human genome to create a hybrid race that would physically dominate humans, create wars and be worshipped as gods. This would prevent the Seed of the woman on a genetic level from ever producing a Savior of mankind. Accordingly, Satan directed approximately two hundred of his most powerful fallen angels to descend to the earth, seduce and marry the daughters of men (Genesis 6:2). The children produced from this satanic union were neither human nor angelic. They were instead a mongrel hybrid race of monsters. They are referred to in Hebrew as Nephilim or giants. But they were in fact the seed of Satan. Scripture is very clear that there were two separate outbreaks of these creatures before and after the flood of Noah (Genesis 6:4). Please see related: “Giants and Their Genes”.

Mt Hermon Towering 9,232 ft. With Ancient Worship Site of Pan at It's Base

These fallen angels are said to have descended to Mount Hermon located in the land of the Canaanites. They were a fierce people descended from Cain who were the first to worship false idols. Cain’s great-great grandson, Canaan, the stepson of Noah by way of Ham, would resettle this land after the flood. Please see related: "Giants and Their Genes". There, at the base of the mountain, they married the women of the tribe of Cain, produced offspring that began to migrate throughout the area. It was the quick spread of this genome contamination through mankind that caused God to flood the world in order to save the human race (Genesis 6:4-7). Please see related: "The Transfiguration".

Giants Before and After the Flood

Then, in the Book of Genesis Chapter five, we begin to read what is referred to as the Book of the Generations of Adam. Please see related: "Genesis & Encrypted Message in Generation of Adam Revealed". Lots of names, lots of begetting and lots of birth dates. But suddenly, with Chapter six, the story makes a 180 degree turn and becomes very dark. Angels are suddenly marrying women. God is disappointed of His constant struggle with mankind. He reduces their age limits from 1,000 years to 120 years. Giants are being born from alien interspecies mating. Mankind now continually thinks only wicked thoughts. And God is now sorry He ever made man in the first place, and considers destroying all life on earth. It is thought by some scholars that the ancient Greek pantheon of gods was based on vague recollections of these giant hybrid humanoid creatures because of their great size and strength. The constant power struggles between the Greek gods are thought to be based on the antagonistic natures among the giants and the effect it had on the human subjects they ruled. It has also been suggested that the names of the more renown giants were used as the names of the Greek gods and the planets.

Noah With Family Leaving the Ark

We know that Noah and his family were found by God to be righteous because of their faith in Him, and to be genetically pure (Genesis 6: 8-13, 18). We know that Noah was 600 years old when he built the ark and lived to be 950 years old (Genesis 9:28-29). We know that Noah had three married sons (Genesis 6:10; Genesis 7:7). We know that his youngest son Ham, a name that means dark, was a person of color and is considered the patriarch of those races of people after the flood. Therefore, it is obvious that Noah had his first two sons by a first wife who apparently died before the flood. The fact that Scripture does not relate her death is not unusual. Scripture only lists the names of 7 matriarchs in the entire Book of Genesis. And it appears that Noah must have had a second wife who was a woman of color and the mother of Ham. This woman must have also died before the flood. While scripture tells us that the male patriarchs lived extremely long lives, it does not state if their wives or women in general also lived extremely long lives. When we read the genealogy of the patriarchs, we are only given the names of the men, their sons and their ages at their deaths. So it is very interesting that scripture gives us the name of Noah’s third wife who accompanied him on the ark. Her name was Na’amah and she was the great-great granddaughter of Cain, the daughter of Lamech and her brother was Tubal-Cain the creator of metal crafts including weapons of war.

Noah With Step Son Created by Ham and Na'amah

After the flood, Scripture tells us that Noah, and we assume his wife Na'amah, went into their tent and consumed wine. They apparently became intoxicated, disrobed and we are told that Noah passed out on the floor of his tent (Genesis 9:20-21). Ham went into their tent and Scripture tells us that he found his father unconscious and naked (Genesis 9:22). Scripture does not tell us if Na’amah was in the same condition as Noah. But we do know that Ham entered the tent, saw his father on the floor and at some point, left the tent and reported to his brothers concerning their father’s current condition. Noah’s two sons, Shem and Japheth, went into the tent and covered their father. However, Scripture tells us that when Noah later awoke, he “knew what Ham had done to him". He then became so enraged that he literally pronounced a curse. But interestingly, the curse was not on Ham but on Ham’s son, Canaan (Genesis 9: 24-25). To make this seemingly misplaced reaction even more intriguing, this is the first time we learn that Ham even had a son and that his name was Canaan. Ham did not have a son when he came aboard the ark and he did not have one when he left the ark one year later.

The name Canaan is a derivative of the name Cain which has always been a name of derision among spiritual people. This is because Cain killed his twin Abel and thus committed not only the first murder, but also the first heinous act of fratricide. Ordinarily, all of this would not make sense except for one fact that neatly explains and ties all these seemingly unrelated threads together. Again, Noah’s wife Na’amah was the granddaughter of Cain who founded the empire of the Caninities. Scripture uses the word “knew” when referring to what Ham did to Noah. This word in Hebrew is gala which means an incestuous or sexual activity. Noah must have been told by Na’amah that Ham had forced himself on her, his stepmother, while she was inebriated and Noah was passed out. And, if she became pregnant with Ham’s child, it would make sense she would name the child Canaan in honor of her and the child’s great-great grandfather Cain. Thus Canaan was now officially Noah’s stepson and first grandson by way of his young third wife. This rebellious act also meant that Ham had attempted a coup to outrank his father by sleeping with his wife. This was the traditional way a son would show his ruling superiority over his father in ancient times. This also meant that Ham would now legally receive an extra portion of inheritance at Noah’s death as his biological son was also Noah’s stepson and grandson.

To compound matters even more, Ham had caused Na’amah to not only give birth to an illegitimate child in the pagan blood line of Cain accursed by God, but the genetic blood line of Cain contained the genome to produce Nephilim or giants. Therefore, the flood that was designed to destroy the hybrid race of Nephilim was foiled. Instead, the genome had been safely carried over the waters by Na’amah. And this mongrel strain was now imbedded in her son who she rightfully named Canaan after Cain. Please see relate: “Who Killed Cain". Noah may have known or at least suspected that she carried the Nephilim gene, but since he had no intention on having other children, this would not prove to be a factor in his marrying her. Na’amah was simply a wife to assist him in his old age. The idea that one of his sons might sleep with their stepmother would not have occurred to such a righteous man as Noah.

Once Noah realized that Na’amah was pregnant, he knew that Ham and his son Canaan would have to be exiled from the family homestead. Ham produced a race that would fearlessly explore and tame the entire earth. Canaan apparently did not follow his father's lead but instead went directly east and settled on the Mediterranean coast. There he founded the tribe known as the Canaanites. He was no doubt spiritually led to this land by Satan who apparently had advance knowledge that God would appointed this land to the tribe of Shem known as the Shimites.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in c 1,500 B.C. when Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt and back to the land promised to Abraham, they found the territory was now filled with a multitude of pagan tribes many composed of giants. Demon possession was also rampant throughout the area. Satan had been very busy for the past 400+ years throwing up as many barriers as he could to stop God’s children from resettling the land. The children of Israel were too scared to fight against giants and would not follow Moses’ order to enter the land and repossess it (Numbers 13:32-33). Please see related Paper, "Jesus the Demon Killer".

So here we see where the seed of the serpent originally came from and how it was destroyed. We now know how it survived the flood and how it reemerged in the land of God’s people. We know that Joshua could defeat any tribe that he decided to fight. But, probably because of the carnage involved, he chose not to fully execute God’s command to expel or kill all the squatter tribes. Some he defeated but some he allowed to inner marry and become part of the Jewish nation. This was not what God had commanded and this decision continues to plague Israel to this very day.

Goliath Taunts Judean Army

Now we are about to find out exactly how Mount Golgotha got its well deserved name. We fast forward to 1,000 B.C. and a teenager named David. One day he went to visit his brother who was serving in the army. The army was located on one side of the Valley of Elah. On the other side was the army of the Philistines the arch enemy of Israel. They had among their troops a giant by the name of Goliath who was from the city of Gath. Twice a day for the past 40 days, he would come down into the valley. He did this at 9:00 am and again at 3:00 pm. These were the prescribed times for the Jewish army to pray. So, while they were trying to pray, he would taunt them as cowards and blaspheme their God over and over in the most vile and contemptable ways. He would then offer to fight anyone in their army to the death winner take all. But, at an average of over eight and a half feet tall and over four hundred pounds of pure muscle, he received no takers on his offer. The famous Jewish historian Josephus wrote that Goliath stood 6’9” while the Masoretic Text says he stood 9’9”. Whether one splits the difference and goes with 8'5", Goliath was none the less a formidable foe.

David Prepares To Engage Goliath

David, horrified and incensed at Goliath’s blasphemous behavior decided to fight him. He was apparently too small to fit into standard Judean armor. So he decided to fight in his shepherd’s clothing taking only his staff, sling and faith in God. The sling was a simple small weapon that all shepherds knew how to use. It could launch a rock accurately at tremendous velocity. It was used to kill or scatter wild dogs, foxes and even lions and bears. All these animals were native and plentiful in the Middle East. Scripture tells us that David killed these animals as a shepherd (I Samuel 17:34-36). David now walked down the side of the valley to a small creek and picked up 5 stones. David assumed it would take multiple strikes to the head of goliath to cause him to either die or become wounded and retreat. To actually kill him would be a bonus but unlikely due to his full armor. Still, David believed that God was in control and the event world turn out the way God willed it to turn out.

David Slings Pebble at Head of Goliath

David and Goliath exchanged threats as they approached each other. David wanted to get as close to the giant as possible so as to gain an advantage with both his aim and the impact velocity of the stones. (I Samuel 17:3, 44-48). After this brief verbal exchange, David runs towards the giant, gets within striking range and takes his first shot. The rock strikes Goliath directly in his forehead with such tremendous impact that it literally imbedded itself into his skull (I Samuel 17:49). In the deafening silence, the slap sound of the impact was no doubt heard on both sides of the valley. The projectile’s impact had caused a cranial fracture that in turn caused the giant to become unconscious and fall face down to the earth. The strike may have instantly killed Goliath but Scripture is not clear on this point. David immediately pulled the giants sword out of its scabbard, climbed on top of the body and with one blow, cut off his head (I Samuel 17:51). The Philistine army was astonished as was the Israeli army. Both sides knew that it was impossible for a small young boy to kill a fully armed giant with one small rock. This could only have been brought about by the mighty arm of the God of Judah.

David Severs Head of Goliath

It was then that the Judean army gave out a loud roar and charged down into the valley ready to fight to the death. This action caused mass confusion and panic in the army of the Philistines. They turned and attempted to retreat twenty three miles back to the fortified city of Gath to regroup and counter attack. But it was too little too late as the Judean army overtook and killed every Philistine solider (I Samuel 17:52). David was now literally known as a giant killer. He figuratively caused the nation of Judah to believe that God was on their side and they had nothing to fear.

On an interesting note, Goliath was David's third cousin by birth through Orpah the daughter in law of Rahab who was David's great grandmother.

But the story does not end here. In fact, it takes an extremely strange twist. After the battlefield had cleared, Scripture tell us that David took the head of Goliath along with his armor into his tent (I Samuel 17:53-54). This is very odd under any circumstance. Why would anyone take the severed head of a person into their tent? What happens next is a series of events that will end at the crucifixion site of Christ.

David With Head of Goliath in House

We now read that David took the head of Goliath and traveled twenty miles back to the ancient city of Salem now known as Jeru-Salem. David keeps the armor and head in his house apparently as victory mementos. Eventually he takes the head with him when he meets with King Saul (I Samuel 17:54, 57). What David did next was so strange that it could only have been performed under a directive by God. David could have put the head of the giant on a pike for everyone to see. This was a common practice in ancient times. In some cases, a defeated kings entire body was put on a pike or nailed to a cities walls. In fact, King Saul would later be captured by the Philistines, beheaded with his body along with the bodies of his sons nailed to the city wall of Beth-shan (I Samuel 31:8-13). But instead, tradition states that David eventually buried the giants decomposing skull. So now we know why he buried the head. But how did he decide where to bury the head?

David was aware of an ancient oral story later recorded in the Jewish Midrash. It concerns another famous if not infamous head being buried in a certain location. When Adam died at the age of 930, he was no doubt given a royal funeral. His burial mound would have quickly become a site both memorialized and venerated. The Midrash tells us that just before the flood, Noah went to Adam’s grave site, exhumed his remans and stored them on the ark so that they would not be destroyed in the flood. Noah is said to have left the remains in the ark for safe keeping as it was located high in the mountain rage of Ararat. Later, and while Noah was still alive, his son Shem established the city of Salem as directed by God. Then he journeyed back to the place where the Ark was located, retrieved the remains of Adam, and brought them back to Salem. There he buried them on the top of the city’s highest hill located adjacent to the second highest hill called Mount Moriah (Origen 185A.D.-253 A.D.).

Abraham About to Sacrifice Isaac on Mt Moriah aka Temple Mount

Mount Moriah would be the place that God would command Abraham to take his only son Isaac to sacrifice (Genesis 22:2). Scripture tells us that Abraham traveled with his son and servants for 3 days, then lifted up his eyes and saw the place afar off (Genesis 22:4). What Abraham saw in the distance was two peaks one slightly higher than the other. They continue and came to the place God had told him of and there Abraham built an alter (Genesis 22:9). This place where Abraham built his alter was Mount Moriah which is 2,428 feet high. Abraham was now prepared to sacrifice his son with the understanding that God would resurrect him. We can know this as he told his servants that he and Isaac would return together (Genesis 22:5). However, God stopped Abraham and he instead sacrificed a ram. So, this was obviously a rehearsal or shadow event of the future sacrifice of Jesus on Passover. Except, that event would take place on the highest mount known as Mount Calvary or Mount Golgotha which is 777 meters high or 2,549 feet.

On an interesting note, Biblical timelines of the life spans of the patriarchs reveal that Shim not only outlived Abraham, but he personally knew Isaac and Jacob. He died only a few years before the birth of Joseph. Therefore, some scholars theorize that Abraham had the concept of a Creator God revealed to him originally by Shim the son of Noah. This also means that Shim was alive for five hundred years after the flood and gave twelve generations a firsthand account of exactly what happened. Even more remarkable, Noah's grandfather Methuselah knew Adam for approximately two hundred years. And although Adam died ninety years before Noah was born, his grandfather was able to recount to him his firsthand accounts of creation as personally told to him by Adam. Methuselah would die of natural causes at the ripe old age of 969. Noah buried him and one week later the flood began. So, today we have available to us, firsthand accounts of the creation and flood stories as given by four men (Adam to Methuselah to Noah to Shem). Their combined lifetimes span a remarkable twenty one generations or 2,300 years (Adam to Noah 9 generations, Shim to Jacob 12 Generations). The longevity of the patriarchs was an incredible gift from God to make absolutely sure that mankind can have faith in the validity of these stories.

When Saul died and David became King, God directed him to leave the city of Hebron and to conquered the city of Jerusalem. It was there that David established his capital. It was there he brought the sacred Ark of the Covenant. And, it was there that David finally buried the head of Goliath the seed of the serpent on a mount higher yet directly adjacent to Mount Moriah. Interestingly enough, the mount is also known in ancient Greek as Mount Kranion.

David Buries Head of Goliath On Mt Golgotha

This mount is the highest in Jerusalem and its summit appears to be in the shape of the top part of a human skull. It looks as if a skull it slowly coming up out of the earth with only the top part showing. In Greek it is known as the kranion but in English it is the cranium. In Latin, the word is Calvaria meaning bald head. In English this word is translated Calvary. However, in Hebrew the mount is called Golgotha, The Place of a Skull. Notice the composition of the Hebrew word Golgotha. It is a combination of two words. The word Gol is the first three letters in the name Goliath. The word goth is very similar to the name of the city Goliath came from or Gath. If we combine the two words it spells Gol-gath-a. It would appear that the Jews created a portmanteau or blended word to express the understanding of Goliath being from Gath. So, the skull of the seed of the serpent (Goliath)was buried by David on this hill appropriately named by the Jews as Gol-gatha. Please see related: "Giants and Their Genes".

Now notice that the words “… a skull…” is singular. The word is never found in the plural. So this title is specific to a certain skull and not the resting place of skulls left on the ground after executions. We already know that Shem is said to have buried the remains including the skull of Adam the first man made by God on this hill. So the Jews, in naming this mount, evidently decided that the name needed to memorialize the fact that this mount was the burial site of two famous or infamous individuals associated with sin. Adam the man who brought sin and a curse on mankind, and Goliath the sinful seed of Satan. Thus, the mount’s official full name is, Golgotha, The Hill of a Skull. And while this mount is located directly adjacent to Mount Moriah, the two are separated from each other by a large defensive wall (Matthew 27:33-35; Mark 15:22-24; Luke 23:33; John 19:17-18; Hebrews 13:12). This wall, originally built by the city of Salem, would later be fortified by King David when he designated this city as his capital. And, as the city grew, a second outer defensive wall would be built bringing Mount Golgotha now just inside the city’s new boundaries.

So, at this point, we have David returning to his capitol city Jerusalem and burying the head of Goliath in the same hill that Shem, the son of Noah, buried the remains of Adam. David will ultimately destroy all giants living in the nation of Israel including Goliath’s four brothers (II Samuel 21:22). Adam was created free from sin but freely chose to rebel against God. Lucifer was created free from sin but freely chose to rebel against God. Adam, a repentant sinner and child of God, was eventually reburied on a hilltop overlooking Jerusalem the city of God. Goliath, an unrepentant sinner and seed of Satan was killed and his head buried on the same hill. Jesus was created free from sin yet would become sin and self sacrifice himself on this same hill.

Jesus Crucified Atop Mount Golgotha or Calvary

In doing so, Jesus would literally fulfill the first prophecy in the Bible as given by God. As His cross was dropped into the hole carved into the stone atop the mount, it literally, but more importantly symbolically, crushed the buried head of Goliath the "seed of the serpent". Literally, Jesus would defeat the greatest power of Satan which is mankind’s fear of death. And prophetically, He would ensure eternal life for all people who had faith in faith Him.

Jesus Asks the Pharisees a Question That Left Them Speechless

We now fast-forward ahead 1,000 years to the time of Christ. It is Wednesday April 1st, 33 AD. The Jews believe Adam was created on April 1st so it should come as no surprise that Satan has caused this date to be celebrated as April Fool’s Day. Jesus has just finished preaching in the Temple court yard. So, he turns and asks the highly respected Pharisees one simple question. Whose son is the Messiah? They answered in unison that the Messiah would be the son of David. Jesus then said, if that was true, then why did David say, “My Lord said to the Lord, sit down and I will make your enemies your foot stool”. In other words, David prophesying in the Spirt was saying that His Lord or God the Word, said to the Lord or God the Father thus revealing a duality in God. The Hebrew word for God has always been in the plural and this was difficult for the Jewish scholars to rectify as there is only one God. But the fact remains that God has revealed Himself to mankind in the plural. This is just one Scriptural example among many that supports the understanding that God is both one and yet at the same time, an unfathomable amalgamation of three separate yet coequal and eternal entities thus, a Triune Godhead. This explains how there can be a two Lords that the great King David is referencing.

The Godhead apparently consists of God the Father, God the Word (or Jesus as Messiah) and God the Holy Spirit or the power of God. In other words, the Messiah would be both David’s son or out of his physical lineage yet, at the same time, be his spiritual Lord. There is only one way this could logically be possible. David was revealing that, while the future Messiah would be directly related to him by way of his blood line, He would also be his Lord or God incarnate. The Messiah would be both human and divine. When the Jewish religious leaders considered the phase and came to this rational understanding, it upset them so badly that they never again asked Jesus another question. (Matthew 22:41-46). Instead, they continued to privately discuss how to have Him killed (Matthew 23:37-38).

The People Tell Pilate to Crucify Jesus

It is now Friday, April 3, 33 A.D. Jesus has been convicted by the religious leader for blasphemy in that He stated to the High Priest Caiaphas that He was the Son of God. He was immediately convicted in the religious courts of blasphemy which carried a sentence of death by stoning. Jesus was then taken to the civil court of Judah called the "Council" or Sanhedrin. There this charge and penalty was upheld. However, in 63 B.C. when Rome conquered Israel, it took away the Jewish courts ability to execute a person. Only Rome could now carry out capital punishment. And, if the person was a Roman citizen, they had the right to be transported to Rome in order to receive a fair trial. But Jesus, as a Jew, was taken to the local court of Rome whose judge was Pilate. It was there, under direct questioning by Pilate, that Jesus admitted He was a King with a kingdom. This statement was considered by Rome as an act of treason and sedition against the state. This crime carried the penalty of death by crucifixion.

Rome had a large menu of ways that a convicted person could be executed according to the crime. A death sentence might be carried out by drowning, being burned at the stake, tortured, eaten alive by wild animals, impalement on a stake, drawn and quartered, poisoned, suicide, beheading or simply being chocked to death. But the charge of sedition demanded a death sentence by crucifixion. To die in this way was considered the most painful and humiliating way possible. In fact the word excruciating comes from the word crucifixion.

Jews Stoning a Person Accused of Blaspheme

When the nation of Judah had the ability to execute, it was by stoning. Each city large enough to qualify as legally requiring a court had an area outside their defensive walls known as the stoning field. There condemned people were led and given one last chance to defend themselves against their charges before a judge. If the response was not convincing, the person was then stoned to death. The actual stoning could be carried out by the general public, but usually included friends and relatives of the deceased. Sometimes the guards would participate to help speed up the execution process. Temple guards were also there for crowd control and, if necessary, to remove the body for burial at one of two state owned properties. Each of these public grave sites could be used depending on the crime committed and the type of execution. The stones remained in the field area to be used again during the next execution. The Romans would later use these same stoning field sites for their executions. However, Rome was forced to create many other locations in order to quickly and efficiently execute mass numbers of people. There were times when revolts against Roman rule would end with thousands of Jews being crucified at the same time. In theses cases, Rome would literally line the roadways on both sides with crosses.

Roman Mass Crucifixion of Jews Involved in Revolts

In Jesus’ case, His stoning field was destined by God to be the ancient one located on the hill called Golgotha. The site had originally been prepared to execute two robbers and their gang leader known as Bar Abbas. His name Bar means son of and Abbas means the father. This name would have been inscribed on the placard attached to the cross of Bar Abbas. But since he was set free and Jesus took his place, it would have now been appropriately on the cross of Jesus.

However, Pilate himself creates a new one to state the crime that Jesus was executed for. He may not have realized it but, if you take the first letter of each word on Jesus’ placard and read them from right to left as in Hebrew, it spells the word Yahweh. The crosses were always carried to the place of execution by the condemned. They would also have the placards on rope strung around their necks that stated their offence. There would have been a path outside the city walls leading up to this site but not an actual road. The fact that Scripture states that the religious leaders filed past Jesus mocking him, is not to be confused with the idea that the public, accidently walking past the site, would take the opportunity to yell insults at the dying person. Scripture is simply describing the religious leaders lining up at the site to file past Jesus in order to personally insult Him to His face one last time as He hung dying. There was no widely traveled public road running up to the top of this mournful and bloody site of execution and death. (Mathew 27:39; Mark 15:29-30).

Holes Chiseled Into the Top of Mount Golgotha

The smooth protruding rock surface of this particular mound had always appeared as if the top of a human skull was rising up from the ground. Because this foreboding site had been in use since the time of King David as a stoning field, the Romans had chiseled permanent holes into the soft limestone in which to now quickly drop in the foot of a cross. The crucifixion nails were forged of iron and double headed for ease of extraction and reuse. They were kept in a basket and brought to the site by a highly trained professional four man execution squad overseen by a commanding Centurion. The crosses and nails were used many hundreds of times.

Jesus Crucified With Mary His Mother, John, Mary Magdalene and Mary Wife of Cleopas and Mary His Aunt

At the crucifixion site was Jesus’ mother Mary, His disciple John, Mary Magdalene and Mary the sister of Lazareth. Mary was the prophesied "woman" and her son Jesus was the "Seed of the woman" who was now about to literally and symbolically, "crush the head of the serpent Satan". Eve had approached the Tree of Knowledge in defiance of God’s command. Mary now approached a cross that symbolized the Tree of Life in that her son, would self sacrifice Himself and bring eternal life to mankind. Adam, through his action, brought sin into the world. Jesus through His action was now about to defeat sin and bring eternal life to mankind. With the cross lying on the ground, Jesus was nailed through each wrist, and each of His heels.

1st Century Roman Crucifixion Nail Imbedded in Heel - Notice Double Head

At the crucifixion site, nails were driven through each of Jesus' wrists and heels. Only two crucifixion nails have ever been found, one in Italy and one in an ossuary box in Jerusalem. Both were used on young males and both were found in the heel of the diseased. So past artists, while tremendously talented painters, were not ancient history scholars. Therefore, if they read that Jesus had nails put through His hands, they would assume the palms of His hands and not the wrist as was actually the case. And, if He was nailed through His feet, they assumed one foot was put atop the other with a nail going down through both at one time. Instead, the nails were actually driven though each heel and into each side of the vertical cross beam. For an artist, it was more important to have a painting look balanced than to be historically accurate.

Simon Forced By Soldiers to Help Jesus

Jesus was escorted out of the city surrounded by the Jewish children of Shim, the gentile children of Japheth and received help dragging His cross up the steep slope by Simon of Cyrene, a child of the children of color from the lineage of Ham. Thus, the World Court of Rome convicted Jesus and the descendants of all 3 of Noah’s sons participated in the execution of the world’s Messiah. He ascended up the path to the stoning field on Mount Golgotha the Hill of a Skull. There He was nailed to a wooden cross.

Look To This Image And Be Saved From Death

Moses wrote that most accursed way a man could possibly die was to be hung on a tree (Deuteronomy 21:23). Jesus cross was then lifted up as was the bronze serpent that Moses erected in the wilderness (Numbers 21:9-10). Moses told the children of Israel that if they looked up at the serpent on the pole representing their sins, they would live and be saved from the poison of the serpents bite that brings death. This was yet another shadow event of what Jesus would accomplish on the cross (John 3:14, 12:32; Isaiah 11:10).

Symbol of Life Saving Health Care

This same symbol has been reinterpreted to represent modern medical health care services.

How Mt Golgotha, Once a Rounded Rock Outcropping, May Have Looked Before Being Carved Down and Incapsulated Inside the Church of The Holy Sepulcher in 325A.D.

Buried in this same Mount, now under the cross of Jesus was thought to be the remains of Adam and Goliath. So, as the cross of Jesus was dropped down into the hole, it symbolically crushed the head of Goliath, the seed of the serpent exactly as was prophesied by God (Genesis 3:15). And at the same time, the death of Jesus would nullify the curse of sin brought about by Adam. Jesus obeyed the command of God unto death. And with His resurrection, all the sin debts created by mankind were forgiven (Isaiah 53:5; I John 2:2; I Corinthians 15:3). Satan’s greatest weapon the fear of death was defeated and eternal life was assured.

Jesus Preached Good News of Salvation to Spirits Confined in Sheol aka Paradise or Hell

At His death, Jesus' spirit just like those of all mankind, left His body and descended down into Sheol. There, He preached the Good News to the righteous dead. He explained to them who He was and that what He had just accomplished. That He had satisfied all the prophecies made by Old Testaments prophets concerning the coming Messiah. Although He arose from Sheol Sunday morning, He returned later that evening and led all those once held captive up into Heaven to be in the presence of God the Father (Ephesians 4:8-10). Please see related: "Jesus In The Tomb Three Days and Three Nights".

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