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Prophecy in the News: December 2023

2024 is the Chinese “Year of the Dragon” (Revelation 12:9). This will also be the year AI will be officially introduced to Americans by being intergraded into virtually every aspect of our lives. AI programmers are concerned that AI will be able to "create lies that cannot be detected". AI is definitely the event prophesied by the Apostle John when he wrote, ”And he {False Prophet} had the power to give life to the 'image' of the Beast {Antichrist son of Satan}, that the image of the Beast could both 'speak' and cause those that would not worship the image of the Beast 'to be killed.”(Revelation 13:15)

AI is currently being touted as the salvation of mankind. It is projected to cure all diseases within the next 20 years. It has already developed imaging equipment that can detect cancers in the very earliest stages with 99% accuracy. It has created vaccines in months that would have take years. It has created an iPhone app that can diagnose a cough and tell if the person has tuberculosis. It is hoped that soon there will be an app that can diagnose covid and lung cancer. Its problem solving capabilities will far surpass those of mankind. It will ultimately be able to curtail wars though unequaled negotiations capabilities, predict and correct economic downturns, accurately predict global weather patterns and create a plan that will equitably distribute the natural resources of the earth for the betterment of all nations. It will be able to work through the intricacies involved in the creation and monitoring of a One World Order. Most recently, it has assisted in the creation of pollution free neutron energy which uses water as its fuel source. In short, it will give mankind the false impression that they have finally become as gods controlling their own destiny. This then is the Great Lie prophesied by Satan and the Apostle Paul (Genesis 3:5; II Thessalonians 2:11-12).

Western nations are looking to seize $300 billion dollars in Russian assets and send the money to Ukraine in the form of weapons and humanitarian aid. U.S. military leaders have concluded that the war is and will remain a stalemate for the foreseeable future. This means it will be a slow bleed-out for Putin. At this time, Putin has no political rivals and will certainly win re-election in 2024. This means he will have served as dictator of Russia for 28 years. Russians on the far right, or one third of the public vote, supports Putin in his efforts to annex Ukraine as well as other satellite states. They see this as a way to rebuild Russia’s status as a major world power. One third of Russian voters are waiting to see just how many soldiers will continue to be killed and how long they can endure the sanctions that continue to drag down the economy. The final third of Russians are against the war but are not at a point where they are willing to risk their freedom and lives to protest.

Western pundits believe Putin is primarily waiting to see who will win the U.S. election in 2024. If it is Trump, then he will probably believe that western aide will dry up and thus allow him to negotiate a peace treaty that will give Russia large swaths of Ukrainian territory as repayment for Russian economic and military loses. If it is Biden who wins, Putin will understand that the war will drag on for another four years. This would cause his popularity to wane and force him to try and negotiate his way out of the war while still saving his political power base and his life. This would seem difficult if not impossible as Ukraine has declared that it will not give up one inch of its territory. So, the world may very well wake up one day to a headline that reads, “Putin Accidently Falls From Four Story Window”.

However, the Russians became hardened to war during WWII. At that time, three million Germans invaded Russia across a one thousand mile front. By the end of the war, the Russian army saw 8.7 million men killed along with 19 million civilians. This is the highest war related death rate ever suffered by a nation. Thus, the Russian people may not be quick to cut their losses until the death toll reaches two hundred to possibly 300,000 military personnel. Over 650,000 draft eligible Russians men have defected.

As of December  2023, the Russian-Ukraine war has been ongoing for 22 months. In this time period, 90% of Russia’s initial invasion army of 350,000 troops has been killed or wounded. Russia has seen an estimated 150,000 men killed and an additional 185,000 wounded. Ukraine as seen 70,000 soldiers killed and 120,000 wounded. In addition, Ukraine has seen 9,700 civilians killed and an additional 17,950 wounded for a total of 27,650. To put all this in perspective, the total number of U.S. soldiers killed in the Viet Nam War was 58,200.

Of note, the states of California, Texas and New York each have economies greater than the total economy of Russia. On the other hand, Russia has the largest land mass, most natural resources and most fresh water than any other country in the world. Russia’s issue is that it has been in continuous wars and political conflicts because of its rule by inept kings and corrupt dictators. Thus, it has never even come close to achieving its full potential as a nation.

Scripture states that God will personally destroy the armies of Russia (Magog) because of the assistance it will provide to Islamic forces intent on invading and destroying Israel. This event is referred to in Scripture as the Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 Wars. Israel is currently conducting a war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip located to its south. It is also fighting against the terrorist group Hezbollah in Lebanon to its north. It is also fighting against Isis located in Syria to its east and Iran to its southeast. These wars could easily spiral out of control and become the prelude to the afore mentioned Biblically prophesied wars. Only time will tell.

Those Christian sites in Israel under the Palestinian Authority’s control are closed for this Christmas in holiday. The PA did this to show their solidary with Gaza.

Israel stated it was considering pumping water from the Mediterranean Sea to flood the 350 miles of Hamas tunnels.

2023 was officially the hottest summer ever recorded on earth.

There were 630 mass shooting in 2023. Thirty eight involved four or more deaths. A mass shooting is defined as one in which four or more people are shot not including the shooter.

A new iPhone device called Cardia Mobile can monitor the human heart looking for even the slightest changes from a murmur to Atrial Fib to a blocked artery. This extreme early warning system should help prevent full heart attacks. The device will sell for $74 dollars.

George Santos has a new job. He can be booked to create a video cameo for events where he dresses as Santos Clause. He advertises his act as a way to, Stay sassy, classy and awesome!” His motto is, “Let’s Make Christmas great again!” He can be reached at Cameo.com and charges $500 per video. His booking agent explains that he is not personally liable for and articles stolen or missing after a visit from Santos Clause.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer rewarded VP Kamala Harris for her record of making 32 tie-breaking votes in the Senate. Schumer presented her with a golden gavel. "So you do have money" said Ukraine.

Nacho Chips has released a nacho cheeses flavored liquor just in time for Christmas. Called Nacho Cheese Spirit, it’s for all those people who have always wished for soggy nacho chips at Christmas that taste like alcohol.

Pro-Palestinian groups protested at the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. One protesters told reporters, “This should teach those Jews a lesson”.

Putin announced he will run for President again in 2024. In a public question and answer event he was asked if he was open to constructive criticism. Putin invited his critics to come and see him. As he put it, “Come and see me, my window is always open!”

Rock legend Keith Richards of the rolling Stones has somehow survived to turn 80. He celebrated by throwing a big party for his friends and family. What was even more amazing, his parents and grandparents were also in attendance.

A house boat owner in Florida was surprised to find a snake in his sock drawer. Even more surprising was to find socks on a house boat in Florida.

Congress was determined to pass a bill before they left for Christmas break. They wanted to end the ban on serving whole milk in school cafeterias. They finally agreed on a bill even though the odds of congress agreeing on this issue were estimated to be 1% or 2%.

Good news for RFK supporters. Polls show that 1 in 5 voters would consider voting for him. The bad news was, once they had talked with him, only 1 in 100 would vote for him. The RFK campaign asked the US Secret Service why RFK does not have protection detail like the other presidential candidates. The official response from the Secret Service was, “RFK is running for President?!”

Rudy Giuliani was found guilty of the defamation of two voting staff members and was ordered to pay $148 million dollars in damages. Why didn’t the judge just go ahead and make it an even one billion dollars? Rudy Giuliani, America’s Mayor and his cousins ex-husband. He was also known as Mayor of 9/11 but now it’s more like $9.11. After the verdict, Rudy left the courtroom and told reporters outside that the plaintiffs were, “still guilty of election fraud”. The plaintiffs immediately filed a second law suit against Rudy. When asked why he said they were “still guilty”, Rudy said his new legal defense strategy was ‘double or nothing’.

The Biden's love Christmas. They released a picture of Joe wrapping presents, Jill decorating the tree and Hunter brought the ‘snow’.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts opened its first franchise in Paris. Finally, a decent pastry shop in Paris!

Biden was asked what he would give to Ukraine for Christmas this year. He responded probably cash . Ukraine replied that just giving cash made them feel so cheap.

Bus drivers in urban cities are under attack by irate and mentally disturbed passengers. Many major cities now have the driver enclosed in a bullet proof booth.

Nuns filed a law suit against Smith & Wesson concerning gun violence. They said they preferred to handle differences of opinion the old fashion way. With the swift whack of a wooden ruler across the knuckles.

The US Misery Index projected that the worst of the pandemic induced economy woes are over. The S&P 500 was up 21%, NASDAQ was up 37% and the Dow Jones was up 11% . All these indexes are now at all-time highs. Commercial Christmas sales were also the highest ever recorded. Unemployment was at a 20 year all-time low of 3.7%. US crime rates were also down. However, a recent Gallop Survey shows that 92% of Republicans think crime rates are up as opposed to 78% of Independents and 58% of Democratics. The FBI reported that in 2023 crime was down in every category.  All four types of Robbery Crimes were down by 4%, Property Crimes are down 6% and Murder Crimes were down 12.5%. Murder is also down in every major US city with the exception of Washington D.C., Memphis and El Paso. The murder rate in Detroit is the lowest it has been since 1966. Crime agencies say that the publics misconception that crime rates are up is due in large part to social media which will show an exceptionally inflammatory violent video that then goes viral with tens of millions of hits.

McDonalds is offering a menu for Gen Z (under 30) that includes, Chai Frappe Burst, Creamy Avocado Tomatillo Sandwich, Pomegranate Hibiscus Slush and Turmeric Spiced Latte. It is rumored they will soon offer for people having a bad day a, Cry Thru Lane, and instead of a Happy Meal they will offer an Anxiety Meal with a 20% off virtual therapy session coupon. Also, the Ball Pit will be replaced with a McSafe Space.

The University of Minnesota has opened a lab to study firsthand the effects of marijuana use on students. In the old days it was referred to as a dorm.

Gold has hit an all-time high. It’s is now almost as high as a printer cartridge refill.

Jews comprise 2.4% of the US population yet 55% of all hate crimes are perpetrated against them. These racists attacks against Jews (God’s Chosen People) is absolutely satanic in nature. Here is why. Satan believes that, if he can destroy the Jewish race, this will stop the need for Christ to return to earth and destroy him (Revelation 20:10). He knows that the trigger for the Second Coming is the eminent destruction of the Jews during the War of Armageddon (Hosea 5:15). It is at this time that the now proud Jews will turn to God for their salvation. Jesus will then descend to the earth and save a remnant of Jews to serve in the Third Temple in Jerusalem during His Millennial Reign (Romans 9:27). God was crystal clear when He said, “I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you.”(Genesis 12:3) “To be forewarned is to be forearmed!”

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