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Prophecy in the News: October 2023

It was only a matter of time before Hamas would initiate an all-out attack on Israel. Since the early 1990’s, Iran has been financially supporting and training Hamas administrators and military members. US intelligence believes that Iran sends approximately two million dollars a year to Hamas to conduct a proxy war against the Jews of Israel. Hamas receives another $150 million dollars from other Arab countries and private donors. It is believed that Hamas currently has 40,000 combat ready solders with an additional 20,000 civil army members. The terrorist organization has built 300 miles of cement fortified tunnels under Gaza City with exits located in hospitals, schools, refugee camps and even mosques. The Gaza Strip is 17 square miles in size and the tunnels stretch well out into the surrounding countryside. Previous attacks from Hamas have caused few human casualties and Israel continues to flourish. Iran has put pressure on Hamas to either create and sustain a war with Israel or lose funding. Hamas hoped that Hezbollah, another terrorist organization supported by Iran and located in Lebanon, would use this opportunity to also attack Israel. Further, it was hoped that Syria along with Russia would join in and attack Israel from the west.

The problem was, Biden sent not one but two aircraft carriers to the Mediterranean. Theses naval juggernauts have enough weapons and supplies to conduct a full scale war 24 hours a day 7 days a week for six months. Therefore, no other terror organization has joined into the fight. Iran would love to join the fight but knows that the two US aircraft carriers have their country in their crosshairs. Russia would dearly love to become involved but they have their hands full with the war they started and are losing in Ukraine. Recently, America quietly sent Ukraine long range ballistic missiles that can destroy military personnel and supplies one hundred miles into Russia. North Korea would like to help Hamas but they are selling all the weapons they can make to Russia to help financially support their continuously failing economy. China would like to help Hamas but Biden’s most recent embargo on manufactured goods continues to hurt the Chinese economy. They are currently experiencing 20% unemployment, record business bankruptcies and manufactures moving out of China and into developing countries where the labor is cheaper. China also saw a steep decline in exports this past quarter and the people of China are starting to get annoyed with their leadership.

Israel has always known and dreaded that one day they would need to enter into the Gaza Strip and literally go house by house neutralizing the members of Hamas. This will not be easy as there is a population of over two million people, half of which are children. However, on October 7th, Hamas tortured, raped, murdered and mutilated over 1,400 Jewish men, women, children and infants. They also killed 30 Americans and took 240 people as hostages. There is no doubt that Israel now has the resolve to completely eliminate Hamas as an organization. This will be a slow, deadly process that will take months and cause the deaths of as many as 60,000 Hamas fighters along with 10,000+ civilians who are being used as human shields.

Once this eradication of Hamas is completed, Israel will then need to occupy the Gaza Strip for the foreseeable future. It may be that the UN will send in troops to help monitor a reconstruction plan. It will be during this time period that the country’s infrastructure will be rebuilt. There will also be the initiation of education programs concerning empathy and tolerance towards other nations, and the principles and responsibilities of democratic rule. Israel will remain in control of the area until the danger of the rebirth of yet another terrorist organization has passed. It is hoped that social and political education combined with a robust economy will take the nation out of its current third world status. This in turn will create a modern economy with a bright future as a member of the civilized nations of the world.

It appears that the 2024 election will be Biden vs. Trump. Both have recently made so many verbal gaffs, apparently due to their ages, that their debates will include closed captions so viewers can read what they really meant to say.

President Biden has erased 127 billion dollars in student loan debt. A Harvard graduate was overheard saying, “Well that should cover half of my loan.” Over 42 billion dollars was immediately erased due to a Biden created investigation of federal loan bookkeeping where it was discovered that 850,000 borrowers had in fact paid off their loans. Another case of federal government bookkeeping. A.I. is looking better and better all the time.

President Biden has requested an additional $100 billion dollars in military aide to support Ukraine against Russia, Israel against Hamas in the Gaza Strip to its south, Russia in Syria to its east and Hezbollah in Lebanon to its north. Some of this funding will also go to Taiwan and its expected future war with China.

On a side note, the U.S. military was in Afghanistan for 20 years. It is estimated that the U.S. spent an average of 125 billion per year for a total cost to tax payers of 2.5 trillion dollars. The day the U.S. left, the vast majority of the 350,000 member well trained Afghan army literally put down their weapons, took off their uniforms and surrendered to a Taliban army of 80,000 members. Thus, it is laughable to hear Afghan supporters blame America for their downfall.

Heinz spent 185,000 hours redesigning their new bottle cap. And it still makes the same annoying sound when you squeeze it. Heinz has also released a product called Mayochup. It’s for people who just don’t want to wait the extra 15 seconds to put Ketchup then mayonnaise on a hamburger. These are the same people who stand in front of a microwave screaming, “Hurry up!”

The more polarized a country becomes, the more everything is the other side’s fault.

For Halloween, many Hollywood actors will put on the old faces they had last year.

Traditional haunted house themes were modified this year in order to be considered unbelievably scary and horrifying by teens in 2023. For example, a sudden loud noise was replaced by a phone call from an unknown number. Foreboding bathroom doors were simply labeled Men’s & Women’s. The traditional guillotine room that cuts off heads was replaced by a room that cuts off Wi-Fi service. The room filled with zombies was replace by a room filled with stay at home moms folding laundry. Behind the black door was a boss that told you what to do and was not interested in feedback. The hall of the dead was replaced with the hall of dads telling jokes while using direct eye contact. And, all the walking dead characters were wearing 1990 skinny jeans.

Several states have determined that police officers will not be allowed to smoke pot even though by state law it is legal. The problem was, the police were arresting people then forgot what they had arrested them for.

Thirty three year old Taylor Swift has officially become a billionaire. At her concerts, every fan is pictured standing while videotaping with their phones in front of their faces. Perhaps someone should explain to them that they can put down their phones because she is right there in front of them? What ever happened to just watching a live concert and being in the moment? Her concert tickets are being sold by scalpers for $1,300 each. The most expensive concert ticket ever sold was for a Led Zeppelin reunion concert in London for $168,000. To show how times have changed, I personally saw the Rolling Stones in 1972 for $6 and it was a front row seat.

Former Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, stated in his inaugural speech that he would “make history”. He was right because in only nine months he both made history and became history.

Republican Jim Jordan never wears a jacket, to which Democratic Senator Menendez asked him, “Where do you keep your gold bars?”. When Menendez arrived back in the US from Egypt, the FBI stated that his computer revealed the first thing he did was to Google “How much is a kilo of gold worth?”  Not smart!

RFK Jr. dropped out of the Democratic primary for President to become an Independent. Even his vaccination card said he never had a shot. At his official announcement, he walked on stage and then apparently discovered he had lost his speech. He then came back on stage to read his speech from a teleprompter only to discover the text was upside down. Not a great start.

October marked the 20 year anniversary of Putin as dictator of Russia. Russia’s war against sovereign and democratic Ukraine is now in its 20th month. Still no protest from Russian citizens. This is modern proof that Russia is Magog and Putin is Gog. He can do whatever he wants and the citizens of Russia do not care or too scared to speak up.

In a dictatorship, the people are scared of their leaders. In a democracy, the leaders are scared of the people.

Social media has rewired the way America thinks. Now, everyone has a platform to announce their opinions or theories on any issue with absolutely no requirement to back up these announcements with facts. There are also no consequence for any harm caused by false accusations. Only theories backed by verifiable facts should be considered as truth. Thus the old saying, “A lie travels half way around the world before the truth has put its boots on”.

Alabama accidently banned a book due to the author’s last name being Gay. Can’t wait to see what happens when the book titled "The Little Race Car That Could" by Virginia’s legendary race car driver Dick Trickle hits the shelves.

Elon Musk is currently looking for volunteers to participate in Neuralink experiments in which computer chips are implanted into the human brain. However PR made a slight slip-up by advertising they were looking for fresh volunteers.

The State department issued a warning not to cross the border as there are multiple violent gangs high on drugs roaming the streets of almost every city. The people living in America replied, “But we live here!”

Arkansas just changed its child labor laws. So, if a child is going to “transition” in Arkansas, it can only be to the work force.

Senator Loren Boebert announced that her 17 year old son is having a child out of wedlock. She was 18 when she had her son so she is a 35 year old grandmother.

A recent study revealed that originally it was believed that Covid caused ‘face blindness’. This is a disorder that leaves a person incapable of facial recognition. But it turns out that this issue was only because everyone was wearing masks for the past two years.

There is now a finger ring that computer gamers can wear that holds a cigarette thus allowing all 10 fingers to be free to continue gaming. Finally, after 50 years of trying, a PSA can be made showing this ring in use, thus making smoking extraordinarily uncool.

China, the only country on earth where people can take pictures of a building or trees while at the same time, they are taking pictures of them.

Unbelievably, an off duty police officer visiting Disney World recognized a wanted felon and arrested him on the spot. So, it really is a small world after all.

A fourteen year old Australian solved a Rubik’s Cube in 12.1 seconds … blindfolded!

Actress Jada Smith announced that she and Will Smith have been separated for the past 16 years. Chris Rock heard the news and slapped himself across the face.

Approximately 1,200 books have been published concern every detail of Donald Trump’s life. Apparently everyone around him had the loyalty of a pet tarantula. The Trump Whitehouse is said to have leaked like a submarine with a screen door.

Publicity pictures were taken of Princess Kate in a wheelchair as part of a fundraising event. Megan Markel saw the picture, smiled and then read the caption only to remark, ”ahhh, so it wasn’t for real?

It is remarkable that the “politically correct police” have eliminated Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben but not the lollipop candy called Sugar Daddy.

Walmart will soon offer mac & cheese flavored ice cream. Finally, a fun and delicious way a person can eat themselves to death.

Not to be outdone, Kraft is introducing a mac, cheese and dill pickle flavored dish. The packaging does contain a warning that, if you are eating this, you ‘are’ definitely pregnant!

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