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Prophecy in the News: August 2023

The Ukraine military has reported that they are currently employing A.I. technology in their war against Russia. This A.I. program is tasked with launching drone patrols over land currently occupied by Russian forces. When Russian military camps, personnel or equipment is spotted by the drones, this information is relayed back to the A.I. computers. The computers then cross reference the images of machinery, weapons and uniforms to confirm they are Russian. Then the A.I. program decides when, where and how to attack and destroy these Russian assets. This means that for the first time in history, human beings are now being killed by A.I. technology with little or no oversight by other humans. Ukraine says that to date, the program has a 100% accuracy rate of locating and destroying Russian military assets.

American military leaders say that in the near future, wars will be fought by A.I. technology. This is because a computer can analyze in real time military movements and create counter movements in seconds… thus ensuring the highest percentage of positive outcomes. President Biden has decided that China will not be allowed to manufacture these A.I. chips. China has become furious and is now working with Russia, Iran and North Korea on ways to destabilize western democratic societies.  This is the unholy trinity that the Book of Revelation prophecies will start WWIII (Revelation 16:12-16; 20:8 ).

New information has come to light concerning the death of Russian Wagner strike force leader Yevgeny Prigozhin. Putin has held the title of President of the Russian Federation since 2000. He actually runs Russia like a mob boss with an organized crime syndicate of Captains serving as his cabinet. Putin has divided Russia into territories. He has installed his Captains to be in charge of keeping the peace in their respective territories and funneling billions of rubles in protection monies back to the Kremlin. In return, the Captains receive a kickback percentage of these revenue streams. While Putin receives an annual salary of $140,000 as President, he has amassed a wealth of over $200 billion dollars. Under the Captains are thousands of enforcers or hitmen. They are responsible for discovering anyone in the territory that is plotting against the syndicate. The Wagner paramilitary force was developed by Prigozhin under the guidance and financing of Putin. He was originally assigned territories in northern Africa. He was tasked with organizing, training and assisting rebel groups in bringing down democratic governments. Then Putin would replace an elected official with a handpicked Captain to serve as a dictator. This person would then systematically strip the country of monetary and natural resources and send them back to Putin.

Putin called in Prigozhin to assist with his invasion of Ukraine. Prigozhin quickly became upset with the ineptitude and corruption of the Russian military and decided to pull his troops from the Ukrainian front lines. He marched his troops north to Moscow as leverage to get Putin to make him a Captain over the lucrative African territories. These territories are rich in drug smuggling, sex trafficking and rare earth mineral deposits. Prigozhin was initially told to take his forces to neighboring Bulgara so that his request could be considered. The Bulgarian President, a Captain of Putin, complained he did not have the funds to support Prigozhin’s Wagner army. Prigozhin was allowed back into Russia and was regularly seen touring cities where he was received as a war hero. Putin called him to return to Mocow from his home in St. Petersburg for talks. Prigozhin boarded a private jet with six of his closest commanders and a flight crew of three. He was 60 miles north of Moscow when a bomb exploded aboard the plane blowing off one of the wings. As the old saying goes, ‘if Putin gets mad at you, one door closes but a 30,000 foot window opens’.

New your City has experienced a series of smash and grab thefts by organized gangs. This is when people enter expensive department stores with hoodies over their heads, smash glass countertops and grab as much merchandise as possible. NYC detectives have concluded that 30% of the crimes are committed by 327 people. NYC hired numerous consultants to obtain their input concerning this issue. The city recently passed a law that should help remedy these crimes. Those people, who have been identified as known repeat offenders, will no longer be allowed zero cash bonds, and will be put on an official ‘Not Allowed in Store’ list. There, problem solved.

As of this month, a 13 year old child has lived through 150 school shootings.

FEMA has reported a record number of billion dollar disasters as of August 2023. The report states that there are not only more disasters but they are increasingly more expensive to repair. Fifty years ago there was only one disaster every ten years. Global heating of air and water is apparently proving the fuel to create super storms. In 2021 there were 20 disasters with a cost of $145 billion dollars. Some experts are saying that the summer of 2023 will be remembered as the last cool summer.

Chinese iPhone assembly workers have threatened to go on strike. Their #1 request was more playtime.

At a recent Christian leadership convention the question was asked, “Why do the dead rise before the living in the rapture?” The answer was determined to be that they need the extra time as they have 6 feet more to go than the living.

The automatic light timer system in a Massachusetts High School was found to have left the building's 7,000 lights on 24/7 for the past two years. The good news was this system’s failure had no side effect on the children or school staff members. The sad news was that the hamster went insane.

China is reported to have lost 850,000 people in 2022 due to a newly discovered disease that has been named, Protesting.

The pop singer Adel put her Malibu mansion up for sale. She stated that the house had given her a lot of happy memories. This would explain why she has not written a song about it.

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