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Conception Date of Jesus Revealed

We now know for certain, through computer driven astronomical software, that the Star of Bethlehem was the conjoining of the planets Venus and Jupiter. This conjunction took place on June 17th 2 B.C. and created the brightest object ever seen by anyone living at that time. Therefore, it must have been on that date that Jesus was born. And, this date fits perfectly with there being shepherds in the fields around Bethlehem, the arrival of the Magi six months later on December 25th, 2B.C., the murder of the innocents just days later on December 29, 2B.C., and exactly one year later, the death of Herod which occurred during an eclipse of the moon on December 29th 1 B.C. as noted by Jewish historian Flavius Josephus. This eclipse has also been verified by modern astronomy as having taken place at this time. With this in mind, we should now be able to run the astronomical clock back nine months and see if there is a sign in the night sky announcing the conception of Jesus. And, once again, we see that God declared and permanently fixed the date of this momentous event in the heavens for anyone who is interested to see (Genesis 1:14; Psalm 19:1).

 Woman Clothed in the Sun the Moon Under Her Feet With a Crown of 12 Stars

To better understand what the sky is doing on September 11th. 3 B.C., we need to review a particular vision that the Apostle John describes in the Book of Revelation. In Chapter 12, John suddenly stops his narrative of the tribulation period and gives a prophesy that begins with the appearance of a great sign in the sky, “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven {the sky}; a woman {Mary} clothed with the Sun {Holy Spirit}, and the moon {rising} under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars;” (Revelation 12:1). Some Biblical scholars insist the woman is Israel by way of Rachel the wife of Jacob, and the twelve stars are the twelve sons of Jacob. This may be initially true, but in the next verse the woman is giving birth to a child and Jacob did not have thirteen sons. In fact, after Jacob had his 12 sons, he was the last person in the Old Testament to use the phrase, "be fruitful and multiply"(Genesis 48:4). So, at this time and in this vision, the woman is now obviously Mary and the twelve stars are, or have now become, the twelve Disciples of Christ. Further, some scholars believe that the twelve sons of Jacob along with the twelve Disciples of Christ are the 24 Elders John saw seated around the Throne of God in Heaven (Revelation 4:4). Together, they represent all believers both Old Testament and New Testament destined to enjoy eternal life by way of a New Covenant, created by the Triune Godhead, and consummated by the self sacrifice of Jesus the Christ.

Then in verses 3 thru 5 John saw, “… a great red dragon {Satan/Herod} … and the dragon stood before the woman {Mary} which was ready to be delivered {give birth} for to devour {murder} her child {Jesus} as soon as it was born.

And she {Mary} brought forth a manchild {Jesus}, who would rule {Second Coming and Millennial Reign} the nations {of Earth} with a rod of iron {Word of God}:

Jesus Seated On the Throne of David Ruling the Earth

and her child {Jesus} was caught up {raptured from Mt of Olives} unto God {the Father} and His Throne {in Heaven}. (Revelation 12:3-5) Wow, what a great and powerful image, but what does that have to do with September 11th of 3 B.C.?

Our astronomical software once again clearly shows us that this exact same scene of Revelation 12:1 actually appeared in the sky over Israel on September 11th, 3 B.C. This was exactly nine months before the birth of Jesus! It shows us Virgo the virgin appearing above the morning skyline with 12 stars over her head, the sun rise located in her midsection, and a new moon appearing under her feet. And, this astronomical event occurred in the month of September which is the start time of the final three Jewish feasts referred to collectively as Rosh Hashanah. The Jews refer to this time of the last three annual feasts as the High Holy Days or Days of Awe.

The first feast is called the Feast of Trumpets. Literally, the shofar {rams horn} is blown by the Temple Priests and the harvest of Fall crops officially begins. Prophetically, it symbolizes the announcement of the conception of the Messiah in September of 3 B.C. Also Prophetically, it is a likely date for the harvest of believers known as the great Rapture of the Church. The second feast is the Feast of Yom Kippur. Literally, it is the High Holiest feast and time of atonement for sins. It is then that they pray to be forgiven of their sins and allowed to live another year. Prophetically, it symbolizes a human Messiah as High Priest self sacrificing Himself in the place of an animal to atone for all the sins of mankind for all time. It is also prophetic in that the Messiah will save a remnant of Jews who survive the tribulation. They will then participate in the Messianic Age that starts on the last day of the tribulation period. And finally, the seventh and last feast is the Feast of Sukkot or Tabernacles. Literally, it reminds the Jews of their forty years of wandering in the wilderness and a time when God lived among them. Prophetically, it symbolizes both the Second Coming of Christ, and the end of the Millennial Reign of Christ. It is then that the New Jerusalem will descend down to the earth with the Triune Godhead who will rule eternal (Revelation 21:1-7).

The New Jerusalem Descending To Earth

What a perfect time and way for God to announce the conception of His only begotten human son. A feast Trumpet sounds in the Fall of 3B.C. announcing the conception and future birth of Jesus the Messiah. And 2,000 years later, it announces the Great Resurrection, Rapture of the Church and start of the Tribulation Period (Revelation 1:10; Revelation 4:1-2). At the end of this seven year period, those survivors of the Jewish race pray on the sixth annual feast or Yom Kippur, for salvation and deliverance from the Antichrist. Jesus was conceived on Yom Kippur and His self sacrifice allows Him to now appear and save this small remnant of Jews (Isaiah 10:20-22). His arrival on earth fulfills the seventh and final shadow prophecy known as the Feast of Tabernacles. It is during His one thousand year Kingdom Age Reign that God dwells with mankind in the physical personification of Christ. This Age is followed by the Age of Perfection when the New Jerusalem descends and the Triune Godhead rules all creation from the earth. Please read Paper, Time Ends and Eternity Begins

So, the Angel Gabriel probably met with Mary on the Feast of Trumpets or Announcements. She would have then conceived 7 days later or September 11th, 3B.C. which was the beginning of Yom Kipper. This is also the date that the celestial vision John saw actually occurred in the skies over Israel. This is the High Holiest Day of the Jews as it concerns their atonement for sin. This would be the major mission of the ministry of Jesus. This is the only feast that requires the blood of a living sacrifice.

Two male goats were needed for this ceremony. One goat was chosen to have the sins of the nation transferred on to it. This was performed by the Chief Priests who would lay their hands on the head of the goat symbolically transferring their sins onto it. This act literally occurred after the trial of Jesus by the High Priest. It was then the Temple Priests slapped Him on the head with the palms of their hands (Matthew 26:67). This goat is then literally led deep into the wilderness where it is released to roam alone until it died. This also symbolically occurred during the crucifixion of Jesus. The Gospels state that at noon, the sky went dark and Jesus was silent. For the next three hours, Jesus' spirit was, for the first time in eternity, detached from God the Father and lost in the wilderness or chaos of sin. It was at this time that God poured out His full wrath of indignation on His son who was now literally the human personification of sin (Matthew 27:45; II Corinthians 5:21).

The second goat is personally sacrificed by the High Priest for his sins and the sins of the nation. The animal is killed and its body burned as a sin offering to God. A small amount of the goat’s blood is taken by the High Priest into the Temple's Holy of Holies. There, a drop was put on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant that was located between the outstretched wings of the two cherubim. It is interesting to note that the Mercy Seat of forgiveness and eternal life covered the tablets of law that judged and brought death. Jesus was literally chosen by the High Priest Caiaphas to be sacrificed at the Passover of 33A.D. (John 11:49-51). However, because Jesus was found by God to be without sin, He was not consumed by the fiery judgment of God. This act was prophesied earlier when Moses encountered the bush that burned but was not consumed (Exodus 3:2). It was a preincarnation of Christ as the Angel of the Lord who spoke to Moses from the bush, and who led the Children of Israel out of the bondage of sin and death and into the promised land of milk and honey. Instead of being consumed by the fiery wrath of God's judgement meant for mankind, Jesus arose from death on the third day, and ascended to God the Father in Heaven (John 20:17). There, as the Eternal High Priest of Mankind, He walked up to the Throne of God, and standing in front of the Heavenly Ark of the Covenant, put a drop of His own Holy sin free blood on the Mercy Seat. In doing so, He consummated the Eternal Covenant which gives all mankind the opportunity to receive eternal life (Hebrews 9:12; Ephesians 1:4).

Jesus Consummates To Perfection the Everlasting Covenant With God the Father

So, the killing of the Passover lamb was never an atonement for sin but commemorates an act of obedience to God’s command. It is a peace offering to God. On the night before the exodus, the children of Israel closely followed the commands of God so that the Angel of Death {Satan}, would pass-over them and not kill their first born sons as he was allowed to do to all Egyptian first born sons. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus followed the command of God and agreed to allow Himself to become the final Passover peace offering and the final Yom Kippur sacrifice for sin. The Passover lamb was a peace offering and the Yom Kippur sacrifice was for sin. Since there could only be a one-time sacrifice for the redemption of mankind, it was decided by the Godhead or Council before the foundations of the world, that the sacrifice would take place just hours before the Feast of Passover (I Peter 1:18-20; Revelation 13:8).

There are 8 reasons why the Passover Feast was chosen as the one during which Jesus would self sacrifice Himself. First, Passover is the only feast that is not officiated by the Levitical Priesthood. It is officiated by the head of a family. It is not conducted in the Temple by priests but in the home of a believer. Jesus was called the Lamb of God and this sacrifice involves a lamb and not a goat. The sacrifice is a peace offering to God and Jesus is known as the Prince of Peace. The body and blood of the Lamb caused death to pass over the believer. The ritual of communion symbolically recognizes the broken body and blood of Christ that no longer allows death to separate a believer from God. The sacrifice of the Yom Kippur goat only covered the sins of the people for that year. The sacrifice of Christ forgave the sins of the believer for eternity. The High Priest sacrificed the goat on behalf of his sins. The sacrifice of Christ, God's appointed High Priest of Mankind, satisfied the sin debt of mankind only because, as the eternal High Priest of God, he voluntarily self sacrificed Himself as a sin free human.

Giving Of the Law At Mount Sinai

The 8th and final reason is that 50 days after the Feast of Passover came the Feast of Pentecost. It literally commemorated the giving of the Law at Mount Sinai. But prophetically, it was always about eventually replacing the Law with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, Jesus was sacrificed on the Feast of Passover, arose on the third day during the Feast of First Fruits, and ascended into heaven 40 days later. On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit arrived, the apostles were indwelled by the Holy Spirit, three thousand Jews were baptized in the Temple’s purification pool located adjacent to the Southern Steps, and the Church Age officially began.

Mitzvah Where 3,000 Baptized & Indwelled by Holy Spirit- Start of 2,000 Year Church Age

So, the sequential order of the literal seven Temple feast days were purposefully created by God to parallel prophetic future events. The first four were satisfied during the ministry of Jesus. The last three will be satisfied as part of the 7 year Tribulation Period. This new plan by God concerning a more perfect covenant, was concealed in the old Mosaic covenant. This improved covenant did not rely on the inability of sinful mankind to keep their part of the agreement. Instead, the human race was replaced by one sin free man’s voluntary self sacrifice, thus insuring God’s forgiveness, grace, mercy and eternal life for all mankind.

Jesus Alive, Immortal and Passing Through Tomb Door Leaving Death & the Law Behind

The physical death and resurrection of Jesus would make it possible for physical death to pass over a believer due to their eventual physical resurrection. And, because His peace offering at Passover was accepted by God, His own resurrection would serve as a guarantee of eternal life after death for all His followers.

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