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Prophecy in the News: July 2023

And He {False Prophet} had the power to give life to the Image of the Beast {World Leader}. That the Image of the Beast could both speak and cause those that would not worship the Beast to be killed. (Revelation 13:15)

It is now clear that 3.5 years into the Great Tribulation Period, the World Leader {Antichrist/ Beast}, will go into the Third Temple in Jerusalem and declare himself the long awaited Messiah of the world. He will then install an image of himself in the Temple {the abomination that desolates} and order that his image must be worshipped. The life of the image will be generated by an A.I. program. This will allow the image to appear alive. Worshippers in the area of the Middle East will have the thrill of being able to actually meet and talk to the World Leader, and he will seem to talk with them. This use of an intelligent talking image will free up the Antichrist to continue his mission to conquer the entire world. This image will also be available by way of worldwide TV and computers links. In this way, every person who has their personal information on any computer server, will eventually be contacted by the World Leader. At this time he will explain the urgent need for them to join his cause in order to achieve world peace. At that time, they will also be given the opportunity to recite their Pledge of Allegiance to him, receive his Mark of Allegiance, and then begin to worship him as their messiah all in the privacy of their own home. If they refuse this offer, they will be put on an official Extermination List. As the beast conquers a territory, this list will be immediately put into place. Those on the list will have their bank accounts, credit cards and utilities closed. Their name will be publicly available on a to be shunned list. If, after a short allotted amount of time a person still has not registered and taken the Mark, they will be arrested and executed. As far as the Antichrist is concerned, you are either for him or against him. There is no in-between. This also means that while the Antichrist will not be given enough time by God to conquer the entire world, he will none the less be a major social and religious influence in every country. People throughout the entire earth will have been given the opportunity to join his crusade to save the world by relying on him, as opposed to relying on God. This then is the GREAT LIE  … man as God (II Thessalonians 2:11).

The A.I. system by Google is called “Bard”. This system now contains every speech ever written or spoken in recorded history. The system can then give the speech or carry on a conversation using any voice that has been downloaded into the system. Not even speech experts can tell the difference between Bard's recreated speech and that of the original speaker. For example, Bard can recite a speech given by Winston Churchill, then conduct a conversation using Churchill's voice. Bard can also take a picture of any person, 3-D the image and then make the face come alive to say anything in any voice and language the programmer wants. The A.I. generated voice can also carry on an extended conversation answering questions relying on its own knowledge. So, the next time your phone rings, and the voice sounds exactly like the President or a spouse or a grandchild, beware of who, or more importantly, what you are really talking too.

Tech companies say that by next year, all people could have what is known as a Personal A.I. Collaborator. You will be able to ask its assistance on any topic at any time. Its answers will be as accurate as the information it has downloaded. This cannot come too soon for the couple that decided among themselves to hike the Death Valley Trail on the hottest day ever recorded.

It took A.I. only two months to read everything posted on the internet. It can now write one million novels in the time it took Hemmingway to write one novel. When A.I. makes an occasional error with complete confidence, it is called an A.I. Hallucination.

Experts say A.I. will eventually affect every job and the production of every product. A.I. will quickly become indispensable in the economic wellbeing of world markets.

A.I. can now not only beat all Grand Chess Masters, it has even devised moves that chess experts have never seen before. A.I. got its training by being explained the rules of chess. Then, over an 8 hour period, it taught itself by playing millions of games and recording every move of each game.

A.I. has invented an enzyme that eats plastics then breaks down into harmless molecules when the plastic is gone.

A dog like robot has been developed to open doors and can even retrieve beverages from refrigerator and snacks from cabinets. If you would like to lose a few nights sleep, just go on YouTube and type in New Dog-Like Robot From Boston Dynamic. As an added attraction, every mechanical dog ordered comes with a year’s supply of Thorazine for your dogs and cats.

July 4th was officially the hottest day ever recorded in the history of the world. A whopping 2 degrees above the last record.

Two independent Russian media outlets working with Russian and German data have concluded that approximately 50,000 Russians have been killed in the Ukrainian War over the past 17 months. Russia state media claims only 6,000 soldiers have been killed. The recent survey has the actual names of 27,423 of those killed. The survey knows these figures are accurate for a number of reasons. They can see the probate filings of wills posted on males known to have joined the Russian army. They also checked funeral home records and local burial certificates along with death insurance claims. The US military had previously estimated that 40 to 60,000 Russians had been killed in the first 12 months of the war. Another 154,000 Russians have received war related injuries that have prevented them from returning to active duty status. The Russian prisoners that voluntarily signed up for 6 months of duty in order to receive pardons have all been killed.

Environmental groups are in agreement that over the past 30 years, the earth has slowly been crossing into a new geological epoch period known as the Anthropocene Era. This signifies that mankind now completely controls whether or not the current planetary environment continues to increase or decrease in abnormal weather related phenomenon.

A new energy drink called Prime Energy has the caffeine of 10 regular sodas in a 12oz bottle. That's 200 milligrams per can as opposed to a Root Beer with 20 mg. The beverage has caused consumers to experience heart palpitations and fits of anxiety. The drinks motto is, 'ten times the caffeine and twice the sugar'. Be sure to pick up a 6 pack today, and you might want to keep the defibrillator handy.

Two hikers were rescued from Death Valley this month. They said they wanted to be able to brag that they had walked the trail on the hottest day ever recorded in the history of America. That days temperature reached 121 degrees killing a third 71 year old hiker. The couple was air lifted out and received a rehydrating drip. We can only hope the couple was also offered free neutering and spading for the health of the world’s human genome system. Come to think of it, this couple also desperately needs a Personal A.I. Collaborator. An article in the local paper described the man who died as being “warm hearted”. You can’t make this stuff up!

The Hudson Valley experienced a 1,000 year flood event. They received an entire summer’s worth of rain (9”) in 24 hours. In the South, this is referred to as a refreshing summer shower.

Health research now reveals that being overweight may no longer be associated with an increase of early death. In related news, Breyers Ice Cream is running a two for $5 special.

Every embassy of the U.S. flew a rainbow flag under the US flag in the month of June.

Oklahoma voted to turn down legalizing marijuana. It turns out that the people of Oklahoman think they already talk and move slow enough.

A mass shooting is generally considered when four or more people are wounded or killed during a single gun incident. This does not include the shooter. There were 22 mass shootings in America in the month of July killing 20 people and wounding 126.

Ghost guns are weapons where the parts are ordered individually and assembled with no records of is existence. The parts are bought for $500 and the assembled gun is sold for $1,500. Career criminals will pay this price for an untraceable weapon.

The Federal Parks System has posted notices for visitors to please stop licking the toads. It seems that when the Sonoran and Colorado River toads are alarmed, they sweat a type of hallucinogen designed to repulse all predators. Apparently there is one exception. Yep…you guessed it, human beings. These toads are on the endangered species list. They may very well be the first species ever licked into extinction by mankind. One lady was overheard asking her husband, “Honey, is that toad I smell on your breath?”

The National Academy of Medicine reported that approximately 800,000 Americans are permanently disabled or killed each year from bad medical diagnosis. It is hoped that this number will shrink with the use of A.I. Maybe that is why they call it a medical practice?

When a state issues an abortion ban, it is accompanied by a dramatic uptick in violent attacks on women in that state. These attacks have increased 100% according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline statistics. Calls are filed under various categories as to the initial cause of an altercation. The file that has increased 100% are cases that stem from a reproductive issue. Americans experience 6 million pregnancies each year. Approximately half are unexpected or unintended. In a recent poll, 80% of pro-life women agree to “no” on abortion but “yes” to birth control.

Owners were startled to find that after their Great Dane gave birth to 22 puppies over 27 hours, she has been reduced to a Chihuahua.

In the spirit of Christmas, Miller Lite will offer a full scale Christmas tree with a working beer cooler as its base. The company advertises this as 'a great way to celebrate Christmas'. Conversely, it’s also a great way to ruin Christmas. The companies motto is, “Beer, it’s not just for Easter anymore”.

The medication Viagra has been added to the embargo list against Russia. So, Russia is now producing its own version. The drug is said to enter the blood stream, then commands the body to, “perform or be pushed out window!”

Senator Feinstein reported she would serve out her current term which ends in 2024. At that time she will be 91 years old and thus qualify to run for President.

The government reported that the vast majority of UFO sightings are actually thousands of balloons released every year that find their way into the upper atmosphere, especially large car dealerships balloons. They called this phenomenon Sky Trash. Wait, I thought that was the motto of Spirit Airlines?

According to over-hyped national news reports, we are all going to burn up. But, the good news is, we will all have glorious tans and be buried in fun beachwear outfits.

Mars candy reported that two workers accidently fell into a giant vat of melted milk chocolate. When interviewed, one of the men said, “yea … yea that’s right, we fell into the chocolate”.

A squirrel was videoed taped by a security camera running into a house when a homeowner opened the door for a pizza delivery. It was first theorized that the squirrel was drawn into the home due to the smell of the pizza. But that was later ruled out as it was a Domino’s Pizza.

In a recent interview, the Pope said he was “open to change".  And nothing says change like a 90 year old man wearing a robe, red slippers and who still speaks Latin.

Bill Cosby announced he would be conducting a national 2023 summer tour. So, if you are planning on attending a concert, you might want to put a plastic top securely on your drink.

Southwest Airlines has been cited as having created a cult like atmosphere. Employees complain that the trainers try to get them to mindlessly “drink the Kool-Aid” concerning rules and procedures. However, there is no concern about passenger safety as the Airline still only serves half cups of Kool-Aid in flight.

China just delivered its last piece of equipment to their own space station. Now all they need to do is send up the children to assemble it.

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