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Q&A: Did the Flood Effect the Entire World?

Question: How could the flood of Noah flood the entire world over the top of all mountains. Mount Everest is 35,000 feet high! And why would God kill native Americans and the aborigines of Australia. Also, how did the kangaroos and duckbill platypus get to Noah in the Middle East. Very confusing and unfair.

Scripture is clear that there was an actual flood intentionally created by God to destroy the incurably wicked people of the earth, and that only Noah and his family were saved. There are three theories when considering the nature of this flood. The first is that it was a onetime supernatural event where constant heavy rainfall drowned all life on earth. The second is that the vast majority of life was killed not by the rain fall but when the fountains of the deep broke up (Genesis 7:11). Today we know that if all the underground water was pushed up to the surface of the earth, the entire world would be covered to a depth of sixty feet. So, the water coming up would have initially liquefied the ground creating quicksand and thus, the vast majority of life sank quickly into the deep mud while the ark floated safely above this tribulation period. This would explain why there is very little archeological evidence concerning the flood and the existence of the Antediluvians.

The third flood theory is a combination of the first two scenarios. God did supernaturally cause rain to fall, the earth to flood and the incurably wicked along with all life was drowned in the ensuing muddy deluge. But in this third case, God did not destroy everyone on the entire earth. Again, God was clear in His intent to destroy all those who were both incurably wicked and infected with a corrupted genome. This hybrid race was introduced into the population of mankind in the Middle East by fallen angels. Several hundred angels known as Watchers or Guardians, mated with the daughters of men and produced a race of Nephilim or giants (Genesis 6:2-4). This plot was satanically designed to ultimately infect the entire human population in an effort to stop the birth of a certain Seed of the Woman {Jesus}. God Himself prophesied that this Seed would destroy the kingdom of Satan and be the Savior of Mankind (Genesis 3:15).

In this case the, phrase, “The end of all flesh has come before me", could be taken in the same way scripture says, “….there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.”(Luke 2:1) But in reality, the word all only refers to those territories under the control of Rome were to be taxed. There are numerous other times that Scripture uses the word all when it is trying to express the idea that all the known world at that time experienced a tax, or a war, or a famine, or a plague. So, in this case all flesh is referring to only those people who carried the hybrid Nephilim Genome which had caused certain races in the Middle East to become violently wicked. Also, when God says He "will destroy man whom I created from the face of the earth", He could be saying that He was also going to destroy the entire family line of Adam who He created from the soil or face of the earth (Genesis 6:7). The line of Adam was a one off creation by God in order to eventually produce Jesus. Unfortunately, the descendants of Adam had also become violent and incredibly wicked. The only off spring of Adam worth saving was Noah and his family. And it would now be through this family line that Jesus would be genetically descended.

So in this third case, only certain areas in the Middle East with certain populations were completely destroyed by the flood. Scholars estimate that the total population of the earth at this time was between 150 to 300 million people. So, if the flood was only focused on the infected and violent populations of the Middle East, it would have devastated the countries know today as Turkey {where the ark landed}, Lebanon, Iraqi, Iran, Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. These populations may have totaled tens of millions of people. Thus, the flood was absolutely devastating to this entire part of the world. And, these regions would have been especially densely populated as this was the area where God first created Modern Man by way of Adam and Eve. Again, it would be the lineage of this couple and this race that Jesus would descend from (Genesis 2:10-14). But, the populations of Africa, China, India, North and South America and Australia would not have been affected as they had not yet been infected by the alien angelic genome that was, at that time, still confined to the Middle East.

A second consideration as to why the story of the flood included the term the entire earth is to understand how the antediluvians thought the earth existed. In the time of Noah, the earth was thought to be a small, flat land mass. The sky was thought to be blue because it was a suspended ocean of fresh water known as a vapor dome. So, when rain fell, it would have been seen as the sky literally falling as it’s ocean was now draining. And, if the small flat land mass known as earth was flooded by the sky ocean, then it would be completely reasonably to assume that the flood washed the entire flat land clean. Thus, all mankind and all life perished by being flushed off the sides of the earth and down into the Land of the Dead or Sheol. In the case of Noah, the entire land mass remained flooded for almost a year until the water slowly drained off the earth’s edges and back into the sky ocean. But, in reality, it was only those lands and people confined to the greater Middle East area who were considered by God as incredibly wicked and genetically polluted. Therefore, all people and all life living in these affected and infected areas surrounding Noah were in fact totally destroyed from the face of the earth.

Suffice to say that when Noah left the ark, there were absolutely no humans to be found for many, many thousands of miles in every direction. Thus, it could truly be stated that all the people and life in the world Noah once knew, had been completely destroyed in the flood.

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