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Daniel's End-Time Prophecy of America

"Those that do not study the past are doomed to repeat it!"

The first question that needs to be asked is, are the prophecies of Daniel trustworthy? Fortunately, we have a definitive answer to this question complete with God's Seal of Approval. It was Jesus who famously said, "When you therefore shall see see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet "(Matthew 24:15). So, now we can know for certain that Daniel was a certified prophet of God! And, this means that his prophecies are sure to come to fruition!

Chapters one through six of the Book of Daniel are devoted to a series of historical gentile events that occurred during his lifetime in Babylon. Chapters seven through twelve are primarily devoted to future prophecies concerning the Age of the Gentiles. These six chapters are some times referred to the Second Book of Daniel. Because the Book of Daniel is singularly focused on the gentiles, Jewish scholars decided not to put the Book in the prophecy section of the Old Testament. Instead, the Book was put in the history section. However, Biblical scholars consider Chapter 7 the greatest prophecy chapter in the Bible. And, it is in Chapter 7 verse 6 that we have a direct reference to America! This chapter is focused on four beasts that Daniel saw in a vision. And it is also clear that these four beasts, or world powers must all be in existence for Daniel’s prophecy concerning the end of the Age  of the Rule of Mankind to occur. And, as fate would have it, all four power are now in existence!

Destruction of Jerusalem By Babylon

Daniel was taken to the city of Babylon in 605 B.C. when he was a young teenager. It was then that Daniel famously interpreted one of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams. God chose this pagan King to receive a tremendous prophecy concerning the future for three reasons. First, Babylon was the first great empire and would serve as a model for all future empires. Second, Babylon along with the other future empires, would reject the idea of a Creator God and instead rely on the abilities of men, and create a pantheon of false gods. Thus, all false religions have initially come from Babylon. Third, God gave the King a prophetic vision concerning the military power and qualities of both his kingdom as well as four future great empires each in their exact order. And fifth, God wanted mankind to understand that the Age of the Rule of Man had a beginning and it has an end. And the final empire will be that of the Antichrist which will end with the Second Coming of Christ. The King was so astonished at Daniel’s divinely inspired ability to interpret his dream(s), that he appointed him as Chief of the Magi of the Babylonian Court (Daniel 2:48).

Daniel Chief of the Magi

Later, Daniel would reveal a prophesy concerning the exact year the Messiah would appear in Judah. It was because Daniel was revered as the greatest prophet in the history of Babylon that the Magi knew to travel to Jerusalem when they saw His Star in the western sky. Daniel wrote that the Messiah would arrive 490 years after the Babylonian decree to allow the defensive wall of Jerusalem to be rebuilt. The Magi were slowly counting off the years since that decree was given when, on June 17th of 2 B.C., they watched in astonishment as the planets Jupiter {King planet} and Venus {Love planet}, known then as Wandering Stars, conjoined to create the brightest object ever seen in the night sky. This astronomical event occurred in the astrological sign of Leo the Lion {of Judah} with the lion having it’s paw on the head of Hydra the Serpent (Genesis 3:15). And, these three astrological wonders were located directly over the Kingdom of Judah and the city of Jerusalem where Daniel was born. This is how the Magi knew the time had come to travel to Judah and pay homage to the child that Daniel called the Messiah.

The story of Daniel’s Endtime revelations begins with Daniel falling asleep and having a vivid dream. When he awoke, he told his three friends Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego a summary of what he had seen and heard. Here is what he wrote.

‌Daniel saw four separate individual beasts arise out of the worldwide sea of mankind with the fourth beast having ten horns (Daniel 7:2-3). The Apostle John would write in circa 95 A.D. of a similar vision he had. But, instead of four individual beasts, he saw one great beast with seven heads, ten horns, the skin of a leopard, feet of a bear and the mouth of a lion. However, Bible scholars are unanimously convinced these two men are writing about the same End of the Age events. Apparently, the four beast of Daniel had simply merged into one beast by the time of John’s writing. Why this change in the description of the beasts occurred is unknown, and not relevant to the prophecy.

The two prophets have a commonality in that they both saw a beast with ten horns. Bible scholars believe the ten horns represent ten nations that will coalesce and serve as the power source for the coming world leader also known as the Beast or Antichrist. These ten nations exist today and are members within both the European Union and the United Nations. It is the United Nations that will create and ratify a plan for a New World Order. Interestingly, a reference to this new order can be found in Latin under the pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill.

'New Order Of The Ages'

The ten countries that will initially give the Antichrist his power will all come from the European Union whose members are all remnants of the old Roman Empire. The legs of the stature Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream were made of iron which is symbolic of the Roman Empire. However the fifth and final kingdom of man was the feet of the statue. It had ten toes and was composed of common worthless clay mixed with iron. This New World Order plan of action will be initiated in a good faith effort to end the chaos that exists throughout the world. This chaos was created initially by the unexplained disappearance {rapture} of 2.5 billion Christians, and 2.5 billion children (Numbers 32:11; Exodus 30:14; Deuteronomy 1:39). The situation was immediately exacerbated by the unprecedented human carnage of one billion people being killed in WWIII (Revelation 9:18).

Key to the Timeline

Now, here is the key to the timeline of this prophecy concerning the end of the Age we are living in. All the kingdoms represented by the beasts that Daniel saw, must all be in existence today. And, they must all have great military and economic powers. Also, Israel must once again be a nation and a Third Temple must be built in Jerusalem. Israel became a nation on May 14th, 1948. A Third Temple will be constructed on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as part of a soon to be negotiated Palestinian Peace Treaty also known as the Abrahamic Accord agreements.

How To Correctly Read Prophecy

One last note, Bible scholars mistakenly read the verses concerning these four beasts as either literally, figuratively or prophetically. Few read them the way they should be considered. They should be read all three ways simultaneously. Only then can their prophetic revelations be fully revealed and understood. This means that yes, ancient great empires have literally existed each having adopted the following images cited by Daniel. Figuratively, each of these fallen empires also represent visions and histories that will be incorporated into the Antichrist’s plans. Prophetically, the world leader will learn from their successes and failures. He will draw together an amalgamation of ideas and principles upon which he will found his new world order. In other words, his new plan will build upon the foundations of ancient empires starting with Nimrod (Genesis 10:8-10). The world leader will learn from the past and take His effort to rule the earth and be worshipped as god to a cataclysmic ending. The utter destruction of God’s chosen people and the earth will only be prevented by the Second Coming of Christ.

The Sudden and Catastrophic End of the Age of the Dinosaurs

The four beasts Daniel saw are visual symbols of four powerful kingdoms that will all exist at the end of the last age. However, the fourth beast was not an animal form that John had ever seen. The description Daniel gives appears to be that of a Tyrannosaurus rex. This would explain his describing it as having an appearance that was dreadful, terrible and exceedingly strong with great Iron teeth devouring in large pieces and using its powerful legs for additional destruction purposes. The T-rex was an animal that God created, but ultimately allowed to be destroyed along with almost all life on earth by an asteroid 65 million yeas ago. This was necessary for two reasons. First, to make the earth commodious to mankind. Second, this prehistoric period served to produce the raw plant based materials that would become the oil and gas reserves that were so necessary to facilitate todays modern society. It was possible that this same asteroid strike caused the earth to become dark, without form and void of life (Genesis 1:2). Still, God used the image of this ferocious and terrible extinct creature to make the appropriate impression on John. This seemingly unnatural and ferocious beast represented a final kingdom that would be ruled by an equally unnatural {demonically indwelled} and ferocious beast of a man. Also, God knew that John’s description of this beast would bring the image of a T rex to the minds of Endtime readers. So, while John was not familiar with this animal, the people living during the Endtime would immediately recognize it by his description. Thus, making John’s revelation that involved a T rex all the more remarkable. Yet John himself would have absolutely no animal reference point upon which to actually name this beast as he had been able to do with the other three (Daniel 7:7).

The First Beast as a Lion

Daniel wrote that the first beast he saw was like a lion but it had the wings of an eagle. As Daniel was looking at this beast, he saw the wings of the lion plucked off. Daniel then wrote, “And it {the lion} was lifted up from the earth, and made to stand upon its {two} feet as a man, and a man’s heart {human intellect} was given to it (Daniel 7:4) This is a most startling image for three reasons.

First, most Bible scholars have stated that this is nothing more than a well-known accounting of the Babylonian Empire as the first great world empire, and that its symbol was a Lion with wings. While this is true, this is only the literal meaning of this symbol. The figurative meaning is that Babylon was the first of a series of great world empires. And, it fell as did all the others because its leadership became indulgent, careless and flaunted it’s power over its subjects. It also showed great disrespect for the One True Creator God by replacing Him with a pantheon of false gods (Daniel 5:1-7).

Prophetically, today the lion is the national symbol of England. This nation has the fifth largest military force on the earth and is recognized as a nuclear power. While Daniel saw a lion, this lion had wings and the wings were suddenly plucked off the lions body. The word plucked means that the wings did not simply fall off to the ground, instead they were removed from the body of the lion by force. And, they were also removed from the place where the lion stood. So, if the symbol of the lion is England, what great empire today is represented by the symbol an eagle and was once associated with England? The nation that immediately comes to mind is of course that of America and its symbol the Bald Eagle. We know that in 1607, England began sending its citizens to settle this continent. We also know that in 1776, America officially severed its ties with England which caused the Revolutionary War (1776-1783). Thus, the wings or America that were originally attachment to England, were plucked off by force and removed to a new continent. So, God is revealing in a prophecy to Daniel, that the birth of America will occur at this time and in this way. America will come out of England but it will involve a struggle.

Prophetically, the Lion today is England and the wings are America.

On a side note, this revelation concerning America comes in Daniel chapter 7 verse 4. Unbelievably, these numbers coincide exactly with the date when America officially declared its independence from England on July 4th (7/4/1776)!

The Second Beast as a Bear

The second beast Daniel saw was that of a bear. The bear raised itself up on one side, had three ribs in its mouth held firmly between its teeth. Daniel stated, "And they {the people/demonic spirits} said to the bear, rise up and devour {destroy} much flesh." (Daniel 7:5 ) Literally, this symbol refers to the Medo-Persian empire that followed the Babylonian empire. The symbol of this empire was a bear. And, this empire did rise up and go forward to defeat the Babylonian, Lydian and Egyptian empires. Figuratively, this is yet another great empire that became greedy and cruel to its people with a disregard for God.

Prophetically, the bear today is the national symbol of Russia. And today, we see Russia rising from its state of rest since WWII and exerting its military strength. It has recently devoured or defeated three sovereign democratic nations (Georgia, Bosnia, and currently is at war with Ukraine). Today, Putin would be seen as Gog and the Warsaw PAC would be Magog (Ezekiel 39:1-8). So the second beast that needs to be in existence for the end time to take place is Russia.

The Third Beast as a Leopard

The third beast that Daniel saw was a leopard with four wings of a fowl on its back. This beast also had four heads and the ability to have dominion was given to it by God. Literally this was the symbol of the third great world empire of Greece under the rule of Alexander the Great. Figuratively, when Alexander died at the age of 31, his empire was divided up by four of his generals who then ruled Greece, Thrace, Syria and Egypt. But, as with the first two empires, these four military powers all fell into demise and never again regained world power status.

Prophetically, the leopard today is the national symbol of the nation of Germany. The four heads of the leopard that Daniel saw were the four Reich’s of Germany. The first Reich was the Franco- German War (1870-1871). The second Reich was WWI (1914-1918). The third Reich was WWII (1939-1945) and the fourth Reich will come into being during WWIII (Revelation 9:18). Interestingly, after WWII, Germany was denied the right to create a military force. However, in 1990 it was decided that Germany could once again have an army. The power of dominion that Germany was prophesied by Daniel to obtain is not only its historic military might but also the power of population and wealth. Germany is now the most economically powerful nation in Europe with the largest population (Daniel 7:6). Also, the highest rated tank in the world today was designed and built by the Germans. And interestingly enough, the name of this tank is the Leopard.

Prophetically, the wings on the back of the leopard that Daniel saw represent the nation of France whose symbol is the Rooster. Since WWII, France and Germany have been closely allied. This understanding is officially known as the  Franco-German Relationship. France has the ninth largest military force in the world. So this second beast represents the economic and military power of a French-German partnership. So the third beast is Germany and France.

These first three Beasts are literally symbols of three past great empires. The great statue that Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream was a testament to both the power but ultimately the degradation and failures of these ancient empires. The first was Babylon which was seen as golden. The second was the Mede-Persian which was seen as silver, not nearly as precious or as dense as gold. The third was Greece which was seen as bronze, not a precious metal and less dense than the first two empires. And the fourth was Rome which was seen as base iron. The fifth empire will be that of the Antichrist represented by a mix of worthless clay and bits of iron, a remnant of the old Roman empire. This combination of materials is extremely fragile and will instantly crumble to dust with the arrival of Christ (Daniel 2:31-35).

The Forth Beast Was Indescribable

The 4th Beast Was Horrific and Indescribable

The fourth and final great beast was impossible for Daniel to name, so instead he described it as best he could. It had teeth like iron that devoured all it came up against. It had feet that trampled the buildings and people of the territories it conquered, and it had ten horns upon its head. The horns represented ten nations that were under the authority of this beast. Thus, these horns were symbolic as a crown that it proudly displayed upon its head. So the beast was a coalition of ten mighty kingdoms who had the combined military might and economic power to conquer all they decided to put under their control. Those territories that the beast decides to control could voluntarily agree to join the coalition by way of a treaty, or resist the offer and ultimately be completely destroyed. Daniel said the feet of this beast would not only crush, but would stamp the residue of the initial destruction. Meaning, the people and their civilization were so completely destroyed that they ceased to exist (Daniel 7:7). This term may also mean that the people in theses territories would be forced to take the Mark of the Beast. Only then could they participate in their economies (Revelation 13:16-17). However, Scripture states that those who take this mark are eternally condemned by God, and their names are removed from the Book of Life thus, they literally cease to exist (Revelation 14:9-11).

The Apostle John would later see this same beast and write about it in the Book of Revelation. However, John now saw this beast as having seven heads (Revelation13:1-2). Still, it is the same beast that Daniel saw. Daniel said this beast was completely different from the beasts that came before it. This beast was literally the Roman Empire which was the strongest of the other three empires that came before it and lasted almost one thousand years. Today, the Roman Empire exists within the European Union as all these nations were once under the rule of Rome. Prophetically, the ten horns represent ten countries currently within the European Union who will decide to put their military and economic powers behind a world leader giving him dictatorial authority. The hope is that he will lead the Union out of an unpresented time of chaos {the 7 year Tribulation Period} and back to a time of law and order.

Daniel goes on to say that as he was contemplating the ten horns of power that the beast wore like a crown, he suddenly saw a small horn began to sprout, and as it grew, three of the original ten horns were plucked up by their roots. The term plucked up by the roots infers that these three nations were not only forcibly defeated {plucked up} but ceased to exist {by the roots} as individual nations. It is the defeat of these three nations that causes the other seven nations to cooperate with the little horn.

The Antichrist Also Known As The Beast

‌Daniel then says that this little horn had the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking great things. This little horn can be no other than the World Leader who will come to be known as the Antichrist. He deserves this term because he is the antithesis of everything Christ stands for. He preaches ideas that will tickle the ears of mankind (II Timothy 4:3). Ideas that will intrigue many concerning their potential if they all work together towards a common goal. This means the creation of a One World Order where all governments, political issues, economic systems, military personnel and religious sects are organized as one. This confederation will supposedly eliminate forever wars concerning national boundaries, political differences, natural resources, ethnic and religious differences. The world leader will explain his new improved vision on how to better rule mankind, and this lie will sound marvelous and completely obtainable to people throughout the world (II Thessalonians 2: 7-12). Almost everyone will want to do their part to finally bring about a utopia created by mankind, for mankind and ruled by a man.

This brings us full circle to the Book of Genesis. In the garden the serpent {Satan} tells the woman a great lie. He tells her that if she will believe in what he says and follows his advice, she will obtain a higher wisdom and her eyes will be open. Satan says to Eve, “ For God knows that on the day you eat the fruit {rebel}, then your eyes will be opened {through obtained wisdom} and you shall be as Gods {plural for the Triune Godhead} knowing good {right} from evil {wrong}.”(Genesis 3:5) But in reality, her eyes were now opened to the understanding that she had gone from having been in a state of Holy, peaceful righteousness and bliss, to a state of unholy, fearful unrighteousness and misery.

The Antichrist Will Appear Mesmerizing

‌Now, at the end of the Age of the rule of mankind, Satan's great lie is that mankind can still work out its problems without the help of God. But this plan is only a ploy to have Satan become the god of this world by way of the rule of the Antichrist.

Satan has always had an Antichrist candidate waiting in the wings down through history. He has done this with the goal of nullifying the first prophecy given in the Bible. God prophesied that one day, Satan as prince of this world, would be destroyed by a coming Messiah (Genesis 3:15). The first antichrist was Cain. Yet Cain founded a great city and the empire of the Canaanites. The next antichrist was Nimrod who founded the great empire of Babylon. It would be from Babylon that all the false religions of the world would have their beginnings. Later came Antiochus Epiphanes who was from civilized Greece yet was extraordinarily against God and desecrated the Temple in Jerusalem by slaughtering a pig on the Alter. Then there was Herod and numerous Roman emperors followed by a long line of world wide despots. And, just seventy eight years ago, Hitler arose with his new Third Reich vision for mankind which, once again, included the genocide of God's chosen people the Jewish race. If you want proof that God exist, that proof is that the Jews still exist.

The Antichrist will lead the final earthly empire of man. It will be significantly greater than the empires of Cain, Nimrod, Nebuchadnezzar, Greece, Rome or Hitler. To accomplish this, he will be indwelled by a demonic spirt and become a beast having no empathy for anyone or anything (Revelation 13:3). He only has two guiding priorities. The first will be to obtain absolute control and absolute power over the nations of the world, and be worshipped as a god. His second and most important goal will be to exterminate as many Jews as possible. His hope is that by obliterating all the Jews from the earth, he will be able to stop the prophecy of God concerning the Second Coming of Christ the Messiah, and his eternal destruction in the Lake of Fire (Revelation 20:10, 14).

The Civilizations of the World on the Brink of Collapse

The point God is making by way of these first three Beasts is that they were all the creation of mankind trying to bring peace to a violent world without relying on the One True Creator. Thus, each in its own time and own way became corrupt with power, autocratic and ended in failure. The final empire of the Antichrist will take these tendencies to their absolute zenith. Through the use of war, military threats, lies, deception and a world linked together by the computer and AI, the Beast will create in seven years, the biggest nightmare the world has ever experienced since the beginning of time (Matthew 24:21-22).

Christ Descending From Heaven Followed By His Saints and the Angelic Armies of Heaven

However, according to Daniel and the Book of Revelation, the complete destruction of Satan, the Antichrist, the False Prophet and all the wicked of this world occurs quickly with the sudden return of Christ and His saints.  (Daniel7:11-14; Daniel 7:17-18; Revelation 19:19-21). It is then that the six thousand year Age of the Rule of Man ends and the Millennial Age of Christ begins. At the end of the Millennial Age, the Age of Perfection begins to be followed by an eternal series of Ages upon Ages.

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"... Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus"

(Revelation 22:20)


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