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Prophecy in the News: February 2023

China wants to help keep Putin in power. One authoritarian government works best dealing with another authoritarian government. China does not want Russia as a democracy aligned with the West on their northern border. So, China wants to sell Russia weapons to help Putin win his war and stay in power. This way China makes money on weapon sales, Putin stays in power, and he owes China a favor. But US and Europe have warned Communist Party Leader Xi Jinping about a series of debilitating economic sanctions they will levy on China if they sell Putin weapons. So, it looks like Xi will need to get out his abacus and do some serious bead ciphering.

China has brokered a peace agreement between Saudi Aribia and Iran. They want these two authoritarian nations to work together to combat a growing public outcry for democracy in the Middle East. Saudi Ariba has an overabundance of oil and cash. Iran has nuclear and military production capabilities. These two nations have been mortal enemies as the Iranians are Shia Muslims and the Saudi Sunni Muslims. The Shia sect makes up only 10 % of Muslims and 90% live in Iran and are in constant fear of being eradicated by the Sunni Muslims.

China single handily props up the government of N Korea. China does not want its dictator Kim Yong-un to be overthrown and replaced with another democratic government on their border like South Korea.

All of this points to the making of a satanic collation. This coalition will be coordinated by Russia or Magog led by Putin or Gog. Dozens on Muslims countries and millions of Muslim and Russian mercenaries would make up the armed forces. The armament will be made in Iran/China and paid for by Saudi Aribia. The missals to carry the warheads will be built and sold by North Korea. The object will be to destroy Israel or as the Muslim’s call it, Little Satan (guess who Big Satan is?). So …  it’s the military genius of Russia, the missile technology of the 4th world country N. Korea, and the fighting will of the Middle East armies. The Bible states that God will personally defeat this collation by causing mass confusion in the ranks. But it may be in this case that God can relax and just let nature take it course. (Zachariah 14:13)

China said it was outrage that the US shot down its spy balloon off the coast of South Carolina. Apparently, the balloon simply lost its trailing flag which said, “All You Can Eat Shrimp Buffet Only $8.99 At Capt. D’s Crab House!

Recent research of the ancient Hittite Empire that once covered the areas of Turkey and Syria show that its dramatic and sudden collapse was due to the perfect storm. Satellite imaging of ancient water sources combined with tree rings and grave sites show that the Empire was hit with climate change. This resulted in wild swings in temperatures, droughts, floods, failing crops, starvation, disease and outbreaks of border wars of aggression all occurring simultaneously. This in turn caused mass migrations across borders and refugee camps that stressed the economies of surrounding nations and caused internal political anarchy. This in turn caused the nation’s organizational systems to eventually collapse. It’s good to know we live in a time where this could never happen again! (Biblical Archeology Review- Feb, 2023)

The population of animals on earth has dropped by 69% over the past 50 years. Latin America saw a 94% pop drop followed by Africa with 66%, the US with 20% and Europe 18%. This study was based on following large populations of species of certain animals in certain areas throughout the world. Vegans have asked that the world go vegetarian. But polls show most people believe that, if God did not want man to eat animals, He would not have made them taste so good.

Connecticut will soon conduct a vote on a House Joint Resolution to exonerate all those accused and or executed as witches as there is no such thing. The United Witches of America beg to differ. They have also requested that Trump to stop using the phrase Witch Hunt as it is hurtful, bigoted and they jump out of their black robes and hats every time the doorbell rings.

Shell Oil issued the highest profits in the company’s history. In 2022 their profit was 20 billion. In 2023 the profit was 40 billion. When asked how they were able to make this much profit, the companies president said. “Beats me … but it might be by charging $5.00 per gallon?” Ya Think! And they don’t even clean your car windshield!

Punxsutawney Phil has only a 39% track record of correctly seeing his shadow and predicting an early or late spring. Statically, you’d have better odds with the flip of a coin. However, Phil complained he could not increase his odds this way as he has no opposable thumbs. On a sad note, the prognosticating ground hog of Quebec Canada was found dead the morning of Groundhog Day 2023. Apparently, the only thing he saw was the cold hand of death.

Genetic researchers are in the process of bringing back the extinct Dodo Bird (pronounced dough dough bird). I cannot think of a better time in history to bring back this particular bird with this particular name.

A security camera recorded an off duty police woman being attacked from behind by a man. In the extended struggle, she was recorded repeatedly yelling that she had a gun and would shoot him. The man continued to choke her so she shot him. The man later died in the Hospital. His family is now suing the woman for 10 million dollars for not providing the man with first aid while waiting for the ambulance. But bystanders said she deserved 10 million dollars for calling an ambulance.

Iran has now enriched Uranium to 84% purity. It takes a purity level of 95% to create a nuclear bomb. I cannot think of anything more terrifying than a radical, paranoid, racist Shea Muslim Imam with an atomic bomb and an idea for a fireworks display.

A perfect red heifer has been raised in Israel. Mosaic purity law require the ashes from a red heifer mixed with spring water to be used to purify the 3rd temple, its furnishings and the priests that will serve there. On a side note, India has allowed McDonalds to open franchises there. They are a big hit with lines queuing up each day before opening. However, Hindu clerics have become alarmed that the sacred cows in cities and villages are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Israel continues to attract more and more Middle East countries to sign their Abraham Peace Accord. They believe that if Saudi Ariba signs on to the Accord, this will resolve the Palestinian issue. This is the treaty that will initiate the rapture and the 7-year tribulation period. Netanyahu said that if the Saudi’s sign the Accorded, He would stop settlers from moving into Palestinian territory. So, let's see, we have the Saudi Crown Prince that literally had a US reporter hacked to death in an embassy. Netanyahu who is on trial for multiple corruption charges and trying to dismantle the Israeli Supreme Court. And the PLA recognized as a terrorist organization supported by Iran all working together on a Peace agreement. So, what could possibly go wrong? (I Thessalonians 5:3)

Israel authorities stated that Israel is not prepared to withstand a major earthquake like the recent one in Turkey. (Revelation 11:13, Revelation 16:18)

Over 700 Iranian girls have been mysteriously poisoned by toxic gas since November of last year. The Iranian government said it could not explain this phenomenon and would look into it. They suggested that until that time, the girls should go back to wearing full burkas to filter the air they breathe. On a separate note, extreme orthodox Muslim women have changed from the traditional Burkas with two eye holes to only one eye hole. But quarrels have broken out when women with one eye hold have called women with two eye holds sluts.

Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022. As of Feb 2023, Russia has lost     155,530 solders. Approximately 30,000 Russian troops died in late February while taking the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut. To put this war in perspective, Russia lost 15,000 solders over 10 years in Afghanistan. America lost 57,939 arm forces members over a period of 21 years in Viet Nam. When asked his war strategy, Putin said he would continue to send solders and convicts to the front line in the hopes that Ukraine would eventually run out of bullets.

King Charles anointing oil formula will be changed in order to tamp down protest by animal rights activists. The formula will no longer contain the intestinal wax from a Sperm Whale. This is of course unfortunate in that it gives royal hair much needed body and shine. However, they have also removed from the formula the glandular excretion found in the civet and replaced it with a similar but artificial substance. The new royal anointing oil will now be officially referred to as “I can’t believe it’s not civet secretion”.

The US experiences approximately 5 train derailments on average per day or 1,760 per year.  So, expect a train derailment coming soon to your neighborhood.

The US military missed its recruiting goal in 2022 by 20,000 recruits. It turns out there is apparently an understanding in the country that America might be involved in a war in the near future.

A Court House in NY City installed a statue of a gender fluid person over its entrance. The statute is titled “Now” with a female face but male ram horns protruding out of his/her/its head. The arms and legs resemble intertwining snakes. As a crowning touch, the figure is standing on a lotus flower and covered in gold. Critics are not sure if the statue represents a Mesopotamian goddess or possibly the Whore of Babylon. The artist said it was her salute to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In any case, there has been a definite uptick of children in New York seeking psychiatric counseling for nightmares. This statue is not to be confused with the statue in front of the European Union Building in Brussels. This building was designed to look like the destroyed Tower of Babel and the statue located at the front entrance is of a woman riding a wild beast while holding on to its horns. They even put the image of the beast on their currency. So apparently the citizens of Brussels love to eat chocolate while paying au mage to the Whore of Babylon. Go figure. (Daniel 2:41-43; Revelation 13,17) Google: NY elevates Horned Statue Paying Homage to RBG, Google: Brussels tower of babel, Google: woman riding beast Brussels)

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