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Q&A Is a Vaccination the Mark of the Beast?

Question: A woman told me in church last Sunday that the Covid vaccination was the Mark of the Beast as written about in Revelation. Is that true?

NO! Flu vaccinations and Covid boosters are not the Mark of the Beast. However, Covid is a pestilence prophesied by Jesus to occur at the end of the age (Matthew 24:7).

The Beast is another name for the world leader or Antichrist. He will be charismatic with incredible political instincts and powerful leadership skills yet no empathy for his fellow man. He will be revealed after the falling away or rapture of the church (II Thessalonians 2:3-4). He will rise in power over a 3.5 year period during which time he will establish a seven year peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. This treaty will include the building of a third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. He will stand in this Temple and declare himself worthy of worship (Matthew 24:15). He then initiates a One World Governmental, Military, Economic and Religious system. Anyone who wants to participate in this system must first take an oath of allegiance to him at which time they will receive an identification Mark on their right hand or their forehead. The current theories are that this mark may be a laser branding, tattoo, microchip or any of these possibilities depending on the followers locations in the world.

Now let’s review what has not happened yet. The rapture has not occurred. A seven year Middle East peace treaty has not been confirmed. The third Temple in Jerusalem has not been built. The Antichrist has not declared himself a god nor instituted his One World Order system. The ability to swear an oath and receive the mark has not been put in place. Thus, the act of receiving a vaccination is in no way associated with the mark of the beast program.

This is not to say that the vaccination information program or any national information program could not be accessed in the future to help locate people to respond to the Beast's Pledge of Allegiance initiative. But actually, the system that will allow the Beast to locate all people in the territories he conquers is already in place as the names, addresses and pictures of almost everyone in the world are already stored in massive computer programs. In America, this program is called the Real ID Program initiated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. You unknowingly registered when you renewed your divers license and they took a biometric picture of you. It is this picture technology that allows a person to be identified by security cameras located throughout the country and the world. This is the curious oval shaped ghost like picture on your license. You may have been told it is a way to help stop the counterfeiting of licenses, and this is partially true.

So, while a One World Order registration system is theoretically already in place, several steps would need to occur before a person could register. Frist, a nation would have to agree to allow their civil registration program to be accessed by the world leader's registration program. Next, a person would still need to report to a One World Order registration center or go on line to take the pledge and receive the mark. In doing so, they will temporarily enjoy a higher standard of living but be eternally subject to the wrath of God (Revelation 13:15-17; 14:9-11) . World War III will only be about one issue…who a person pledges to worship?

For more information on national ID and biometric systems, please refer to the following articles: CATO Institution, “International ID Systems List”;  EFF. Org or Electronic Frontier Foundation, “Mandatory National IDs and Biometric Database”; Wikipedia, “National Identification Number”.

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